thinking ’bout my hobbit hole

I’ll be moving to TO this summer & for the following year. We’re doing it. Somehow, we found a place, I found one of two jobs, and the neighbourhood had my prerequisite of habitable coffee shops.

My boyfriend and I signed a lease to our affectionately coined “hobbit hole” – although that’s really just for kicks, we lucked out – and now, for the first time in, well, ever, I have a somewhat legitimate purpose for spending every morning in the well-decorated realities of my Pinterest feed.

My hobbit hole requires four lines of duty:

  1. Find more light. We have a few windows, and they do a pretty impressive job, thank you windows, but we need more. To offer you a picture of how much I crave light, I often find myself, inexplicably, standing in the pools of light that form anywhere in my home. If I need to stand directly in front of the window like a pyschopath, so if you someone looked up they would just see me there, closing my eyes, soaking in that Vitamin D, then so be it.
  2. What colour scheme? And is this just a Martha Stewart mentality? Do people actually decide on a colour scheme before they delve in, or do they find one piece and go from there?
  3. Create more space. There’s no denying it’s a small space (we called it hobbit hole for a reason), but ain’t nothing like some space illusions. I have read that keeping a monochromatic palette works wonders for that, and this makes intuitive sense. I’m actually quite thrilled with the idea of swirling around one or two colours on my metaphorical paint palette – perhaps a creamy blush colour, or glowing milky white.
  4. Win at thrifting/deal scavenging. Because we are both students. ‘Nuff said.

So, readers, any of you, I beseech you: what was moving into your first apartment like? How did you succeed at any of the lines of duty above?

In the meantime, #inspiration:




Poppytalk: 10 Trends on Our Radar for 2016 (Part 1):
Paint this a splash of colour, and I’m in.

Guest bedroom makeover:


colorful paris penthouse designed by Fusion D / sfgirlbybay:
I will never have moldings like this on my wall in TO, but a girl can dream. Holler at me if you know of any nifty DIYs, actually.
neutral color palette via jj locations. / sfgirlbybay

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