Little Rabbit Ears is a blog intended to help bring about awareness for humans who have rabbit ears.

Now they’re generally pretty well hidden, but keep an eye out and you might see a pair. Poking up behind newspapers, or bursting through floppy hats, the whimsical fellows are all around us.

How does this happen? Well, it’s not listed in DSM or anything, but severe bouts of inspiration can lead to a pair of rabbit ears sprouting up overnight. Reading a life-changing article? Bam. Gushing over some killer designer? Boom.

But rabbit ears are a good thing, trust me. They stretch up to the sky and absorb any traces of creative melodies nearby. You’ll even start getting more attuned to the little things that inspire you, like a snowflake so perfect you swear you’re actually on a movie set.



First, big L-O-L to this header. Never thought I’d have the occasion to use “Me” as a header.

Second, aren’t About pages the hardest thing ever? It has always felt forced when someone throws out the question, “Hey, tell me about yourself,” because whatever you happen to say first somehow becomes the defining aspect of who you are, and in that momentary period of stumbling over words and desperately searching for something that may be of interest to a stranger, even stranger things suddenly become the so-called true features of who I am.

For example, if I were to say, “Oh, hi, I’m Miranda. I’m from Vancouver and really enjoy the Sims 3,” one would go on to assume that a) my city of origin is something you will definitely need to be aware of while talking to me (I expect many references to the West Coast to make me feel comfortable) and b) I spend copious amounts of time thinking about the Sims 3, and most likely playing, as it’s the first thing that happened to tumble through the wall of awkwardness that occurs when I’m asked this question.

Something I can tell you, aside from my place of origin and guilty pleasure of a hobby, is that writing, thinking, talking about, questioning, and seeking out inspirational and fresh design is something I have dedicated a blog to. Now this might be obvious, and you may be thinking, “Jee, thanks, couldn’t have figured that out myself,” (apparently I have a rather sassy reader in mind) but it is something that defines me.

Design is something that soothes me when I’m stressed, inspires me when I’m in a creative lull, and generates motivation to become a direct part of the community of design bloggers that makes this possible. They always say do what you love, and I love the community of design bloggers to bits. So here I am.




4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Things are always awkward in the beginning of life, and as we grow into ourselves we find depth. Keep asking “why”, and the colors of your enchanted character will slowly revel herself.
    My blessings to you…

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