En"deer"ing Prints

Oh, ho, ho, aren’t I punny? 
These are some wonderfully whimsical prints by Laura Makabresku. You know, sometimes I find people who I really, really would love to just take a quick snapshot of their mind’s imagination and workings. Lately: Laura Makabresku, and my chemistry professor. 
“deer, clock with coffee in it, and rented Andersen”
“little deer”

Intriguing titles, eh? Serene quality to each of the prints, but also slightly eery. I dig it.

Check out more of her work below!

Have a happy, happy Monday, folks!

Fairy Swag

Necessary repost. It’s gorgeous.
Got a little carried away looking up fairy-esque things. But what can I say, the fairies got some serious swag! Always pulling off that bohemian look, able to twist their hair into the most beautiful braids that it could be considered art, and, obviously, the winning factor, them bitchez can fly. 
Oh! And! Stumbled across some illustrations from my very favourite children’s book from when I was a wee little thing. No wonder I love fairies, they were everywhere when I was growing up. (Fairly sure my mum thought she had four fairies for kids and not humans anyway. It would explain a lot.)
Here’s the tidbits from Fairy Wings.
All about a little fairy born without wings…

GAH! Too beautiful. 

Pretty sure this is exactly what she would look like if she were to grow up to be a human.

GOTCHA with that one, didn’t I? Yeah, always had a thing for this guy. Even with sarcasm I can’t bring myself to fully say that. Holy shiza, he’s gross. 

Off Livin’ In Dreamland, Don’t Mind Me

How amusing life would be, if we were all taken by our dreams in such a literal way. 
Just imagine if, as the nightlife came alive on the streets of downtown, you looked up into the sky and saw thousands upon thousands of people hanging by the threads of a cloud, or the stem of a flower, or the sails of a boat, looking as far into dreamland as humanly possible. All dangers, of course, wouldn’t touch them as they drifted on by, and then, at the end of the night, they would be delicately released into their bed.
First, if I looked up and saw this, I’d scream. That’s slightly obvious. Because with the impending arrival of 2012, you know, I’d probably think it was some odd… cruel.. warning. And then, I’d accept it with open arms! I wanna dream while hanging off of a flower! Me, me, me!
A tad eery, but her illuminated blonde hair does look quite magical.

If I happened to pop up from the soil, however, when I began to dream, I would not want this. Don’t know many people who would. “Oh jeez, there’s that girl again off dreaming. You know, it’s getting really annoying to remember to avoid her while I’m out on my night walk in the woods……” (actually who goes for walks in the woods at night anyhow, so I guess I’m in the clear.
All this is the work of Ms. Maia Flore.

A Tiny Oasis

Sitting Under a Tree, In the Rain

reading a book of poetry 

or maybe short stories, or 

both — it’s hard to tell
with this author; rich wet air, 
occasional drops falling into
my hair, onto the pages, and I
am purely happy, in a way 
that is like riding your bike 
down a very steep hill, or 
wading in a stony brook — 
it is a way that I knew 
how to follow once, but
for a long time, I 
have been too scared — 
to read a book, 
under a tree, 

in light rain.

Mary Anne Mohanraj

This was a gift my mum was just given by a pretty remarkable friend of hers. After talking about how she wishes she could just lie in the middle of the forest with the trees stretching over her for hours on end, the next time they met, she was greeted with this beautiful dream made into a – miniature – reality. The poem above is the writing that was tied ever so daintily with a ribbon on the top of the jar.

It’s a tiny oasis for us all to escape to, even if it’s just staring at its inviting little bed underneath the canopy of leaves. Encased in a glass jar, free from all our troubles, I would sleep. Or read. Or chill with the birdies, who I’m presuming can talk, all around me. Or maybe just lie there, looking up at the comforting leaves above me, and beyond these leaves there is simply a foggy blur of the outside world. Nothing would be able to tap into this dream. 

Why is it that everything miniature seems so unfathomably intriguing? Because it’s cute. And enchanting. And perhaps because we associate miniature people with stories, and in stories, there is no such thing as a cruel ending, so in some other sense, it’s soothing. I think we like to be able to imagine ourselves as such petite little creatures because of this dream-like taste it would have. Because of this impenetrable innocence that surrounds the dream, because anything little, let it be a child or a puppy or any other fellow that’s new to the world, can’t possibly be able to grasp anything beyond what is an innocent view of the world free from the reality that can be, well, slightly depressing.

I can just imagine a delicate fairy wandering through the forest, only to find a bed to rest on, and sleep away her own troubles for an hour or two and suddenly everything’s all better, and to us, or at least I know to me, there is no life more perfect.

Unfortunately that’s just not how it goes, right! Back to my awaiting textbook. Bleh.

What would you do if you were to stumble upon this little bed? You have an hour to yourself. How divine.


{my photos}

Some Tings To Smile Over

Lovebirds. It can be either nauseating, or just too gosh darn adorable to let your typical cynicism get the best of you. 

Smiling puppies. He’s gonna have a happy life. That or he just ate a loaf of bread off the kitchen table and feels pretty sneaky.

Rings that will hug you! A baby elephant hugging you… try to create a cuter ring, it’s just not a possibility. And hey, this elephant doesn’t grow any older either! So you don’t have to go through that awkward, “Sorry, bud, you’re weighing me down a bit now.”
{Ebay, or here and here}

Philosophical foxes. This little fellow is currently contemplating the changing climate and its impact on our souls. 
Raising awareness for the chronic bitch face disorder is becoming more and more common! Now we all know that those people who appear as if they are ready to kill anyone who crosses their path in a moment’s notice are actually in need of help. We need not judge. 
ps. What I’ve been listening to on repeat, guilty pleasure or not!
His drunken jokes make the show, however, if you must, the music starts… right at 2:13. 
And now, please, if you have nothing else to do, please watch this version. He’s singing while sitting on top of a piano the entire time. It’s amazing. And that face, that face is just so suave. 
So soothing. Beautiful lyrics, too. I’ve loved it ever since watching The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman and the one and only Mrs. Robinson, Anne Bancroft. 
And then there’s The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. I could literally listen to it all day. I know all the lyrics, too. Funny what songs can do that to you. 
{Chronic Bitch Face, cant find other links, please let me know if you know that i know that you know that i know that you know that i know that you know i need them}

I Was Once A Bohemian Lover

After watching that beautifully serene romance, I just want to snuggle up in bed and have sweet, sweet dreams of my past life where I frolicked on far off beaches with some hippy dippy lover of mine, where we sang melodies and laughed and lay in the sun like a couple of lethargic, plump seals. I really butchered that image with the seal reference, didn’t I. Seals just know how life works though! When it’s a sunny day, they get out there and soak up every last drop of sunlight and bask for hours on end without a care in the world. That’s just sheer intelligence.
Found via the queens of bohemian chic, Oracle Fox.

Jumbled Up Inspiration

I am alone with the beating of my heart. Beautiful. Initially, there’s almost a taste of melancholy to it, but as I thought about it more, swimming brings a sense of peace. When you’re gliding through the water, the water rushing past your skin, entirely quiet all around you, the beating of your heart is all that is registered… that is peace, if only for a moment. 
Aga! I have an Aga oven, a creamy yellow four door model, and it’s so loved. Every morning, there’s either a progressively gangly, small blonde boy sitting on the rug in front of it (my eleven year old brother), or a sleepy chocolate lab, soaking up its warmth.
Below you can see said sleepy dog. (Cellphone quality, folks, but you get the gist.)
All white, white, white, done completely right!

In love with their somber little faces. I would like one of each, please.

I am in love with how the water stretches the scenery behind it. It looks like they’re could be an alternate, dreamy world going on in the base of the light bulb. Ooh, and not to mention the way the light would catch the water at night. It would just be too much. 

A collection of jumbled up inspirations to share! ^How cool is that, by the way. It moves with the wind of cyber space. I don’t know why, but whenever I see a photo that begins to move, when otherwise I would’ve expected for it to stay completely still, I’m too mystified.

Hope you’re all doing just dandy, I have missed you!

{images credited by linking, there are a few I couldn’t trace back though, let me know if you know!}

Little Drops of Beauty

For the brave souls out there, who find height nothing more than another source of intoxicating ecstasy, then look no more. I bring you… hanging tents! Or as I like to call them, little drops of (terrifying) beauty. Don’t they resemble drops of water in some way? The tents all alit against the sunrise reminded me of the dreamy, alternate world I was picturing in this post (where I went off track and started talking about an alternate reality because of some flowers in a light bulb because, you know, I’m just really deep and philosophical like that), almost like the planet in Avatar actually. Would not be surprised if the shadowy figures turned out to be a bright cyan blue with a tail wrapped around their little lanterns. Anyway, these are actually tents meant for rock climbers who stop mid-way on their venture to the top, and sleep in one of these anchored tents. I’ll put it out there now, I wouldn’t say I’m ever down to spend the night in one, but for a few hours with a friend and some tasty treats? Always down, always down.



I Wish I Had the Head of a Kitty Sometimes.

…but that’s just silly…

Now I don’t know what it is exactly about placing the heads of animals on top of humans that never fails to make me feel so bubbly happy inside, but I’m fairly sure it’s never gonna fade away. These are all the clever prints by Katrine, by the way, and I highly suggest you check out her shop.

I know one person who has already fallen in love with these. (Susan…..)


{KatrineK found via La Maison d’Anna G}

Fairy Tale Dresses

Watch me! Watch me! Watch me! 
Well, hello there dresses of my dreams. I’m Miranda. Wonderful to meet you. You shall be my wedding dress. And my sister’s wedding dress. And my best friends’ wedding dresses. And the bridesmaid dresses for my brothers. Oh, hmph, I guess the wives get to decide. Since when do they get to do that? Needy, needy, needy.
When I first laid eyes on these ethereal, fantastical dresses I almost died. Yes, literally. It’s a true story. As my eyes digested each delicate bead, feathery layer of chiffon, and every piece of gold or silver thread intertwined throughout the trim, it became too much to handle. I am writing this from another realm, folks. A realm of fairies. And don’t you worry, my death was relatively painless. Here in Fairy Land, our outfit of choice is from among the designs of Trash Couture and our days consist of dancing to the melodic tunes of nature… 

Okay, that’s too much even for me.  I’m fairly sure I would go insane if my days only consisted of dancing. However, it does sound nice to escape to that little world for a solid week/month.*
Oh, yes, hello there beautiful jewelry! You too can jump onto my body!

Macha jewelry blows my mind… and seems to go quite well with the whole fairy theme of today.