Soothing to the Eyes & Ears

Landslide (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) – Fleetwood Mac

Myth – Beach House
Summer – Mmoths
For What It’s Worth (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) – Buffalo Springfield
p.s. If you’re curious about the music, it’s all from the album, Feel It All Around, which can be downloaded for sampling purposes. 😉 Click me.
p.s.s. My foot has gone completely numb in its slumber while making this post. Can’t walk on it for the life of me. The things I do for you lovely people.
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Channel Our Inner Brigitte Bardot

And that’s all there is to it! 
No, that would be cruel. This was just a quick little excerpt from the oh-so-talented Decade Diarywhere she gives us a really aesthetically pleasing explanation on how to tackle the effortlessly charming look Brigitte Bardot has above. But let’s be real here. When do we not see Brigitte Bardot as effortlessly charming? 

Seriously though. Visual explanations are far superior in all areas. When I first saw a visual recipe, as in instead of just saying “place four tomatoes in the pan until cooked” they would actually show four tomatoes jumping gleefully into a pan one after the other. So much better!
And for you in a few hours, as you leave your house with a casually seductive Brigitte Bardot hairdo, some photos of Miss Brigitte for inspiration.

And now, I’m off to settle into a life exactly the opposite of our Brigitte Bardot muse: studying a textbook of chemistry. I’d much rather be nonchalantly lounging on top of a red sports car, thank you very much.
{Majority of the Brigitte photos found through tumblr, however, it will take me years upon years to find all of them. If you stumble across its original poster, please let me know!}

Black & White

Sometimes a little black and white is just so refreshing. 
Feathers are so serene. Everything about them, from the way they glide effortlessly through the air in that graceful sway back and forth, to the pleasing way they lie next to each other, symmetrical or not. 
Plus feathers make quite a nice appearance in your hair. So that’s always nice.
See, I used to believe that the only life an attic could have resembled something of demons mingling together, quietly chuckling with a sinister smile spread across their face, plotting their next move into owning your soul or something casual like that. But as soon as I saw a crisp white paint wash over an attic from head to toe, my socializing demons were quickly replaced by the imagined existence of a clan of boho writers, hiding away in peace as they reflect life’s meaning and beauty in this light and airy space.
My attic has yet to be painted white, however, and so I’m forced to believe there are still demons residing above me… it’s a small issue.

This must become the uniform of all the young men out there immediately. It just says “meow!” in that perfectly irresistible way.

Arist: Gottfried Henwein
This is one of those pictures I just can’t seem to look away from. It’s mesmerizing in an eery and misunderstood way. As if her innocence is being immortalized in a chalky sculpture? Can’t be sure. But it’s so intriguing. 
And bam! A glorious reminder of colour for your eyes!
{…etc, Arts Pinboard, apologize, can’t find the other links. Please let me know if you stumble across them.}

La Lumière!

Un. When you have ceilings that high, why not put up a giant, half of a mustard yellow vintage car?

The only conventional aspects of this kitchen are the fact that it does indeed have an oven, a fridge, and a table. Other than that, it’s a total rebel. The cherry red, retro style refrigerator and the sleek, streamlined oven, and the chairs that have been picked from completely different styles are just asking to be checked out.
Deux: Once again, some ridiculously high ceilings going on here. One day I’ll be graced with its presence, and on that day, the first thing I’ll do is hang a magnificent chandelier and place an equally impressive trampoline in the middle of the room and jump for hours. Perfect. On a side note, that reclining chair is looking just about as tempting as a tub of chocolate pudding. 
Trois: Mmm, light. How you make me swoon. Actually, in each of these rooms, there is a rich abundance of natural light. I’m also loving how the tree is framed perfectly within these windows – it makes it feel as if you can touch the tree itself and step outside (but seeing as how high the tree looks to be… maybe refrain). And then of course the sweet speakers on either side. 


{for the record & contemporist

Oh, how cute indeed.

It’s raining cats!

Animals are cutie pies, there’s no denying it. Particularly in these. In fact, I want my own wittle bunny wabbit to hold in my arms in an equally adorable retro bikini! And Brigitte is looking effortlessly gorgeous, as usual. No surprise there. As for the foxes, some may find that photo a tad creepy. They are, after all, all staring up at you with those relatively somber, all-knowing eyes. But I find foxes just so whimsical, I don’t know why. I adore them.
{All images credited by clicking}