Mount Athos, Macedonia

Lately I’ve really been craving some sun, more than usual actually. It’s been a particularly dreary winter and has dragged on for quite some time now, so please, Mother Nature, do try your best to let the sun have a chance to come out and brighten our days. We miss her, and she misses us.
Of course, if Mother Nature fails me, which she very well might, then I could always escape away to this church in the cliffs of Northern Greece. It’s pretty tempting, I’d say. But oh wait! Only men can go there. Wow. Just my luck.

Good Evening

Well, hello there!

The pleasure is mine, I assure you, to see you this fine day, and for those of you who have stumbled upon my humble abode by chance, welcome. I hope your stay will be more than pleasant.
“…And in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.” ~The wise words of Truman Burbank (The Truman Show)