Mother Nature, My Favourite House Guest

When I was still living at home, as in the house where my mum would put out a beautiful bunch of flowers on the kitchen table, and the house where my siblings and I would fight to the death over the last half-piece of bacon, and even the house where my dog would leave us the smelliest of presents in the darkest of corners, I never came to fully appreciate just how much I needed those flowers my mum would so diligently adorn our house with. Although I did very quickly appreciate the lack of bacon debacles and poopy presents. (Warding off my dog’s twisted sense of humour has been a struggle.)

But now it has hit me as to why flowers are a necessity my mum couldn’t go without. Quite simply, flowers are 24/7 spreaders of joy and cheer.


 But now I am forced to accept the weeds along the side of the road on my way to class as  indifferent replacements. Once upon a time, dandelions were sweet, simple gestures, but now they are my only hope for a burst of natural exuberance. Long story short, my life is lacking some natural exuberance.

I just want a chair where I can feel like my bottom’s on vacation.


Or a room where the walls are purely white because the flowers speak for themselves, breathing into the room with colourful exhales.


 Even if that means just a sliver of life, like a single branch, or, if i’m really and truly desperate, a picture of pressed flowers will do just fine.


Perhaps one day I’ll try to act as though I am Mother Nature herself, deserving of an indulgence so cheerful and so joyous that it’s simply not meant for the mortal race; I would drape a string of bottles with my lovely cheerleaders in each one over top of my desk. Ah, the optimistic sense of motivation I’d be given.

“She has it! She’s got it! She can always do it! Wahoo! Yippee doo dah! Look at her go!”

My cheer of choice. Thanks, ladies.


As a result of my desire to make my humble abode as welcoming as possible to my future flowery tenants, I came across some damn nifty flower-trappers. Don’t worry. To the flower familia, this contraption is just called, “Palace for Joy.” What a life they lead. Maybe one day my room can just be permanently entitled, “Palace for Joy.” Although of course I’m going to need some flowers for that to even be a possibility. No Joy Palace lacks in Mother Nature’s offspring. Don’t be fooled. She needs an heir or two.

FT3-filtered (1)

Mmmmm. Yes, that is my go-to response for these babies. Simply, “mmmm.” Maybe it’s this dreamy photography, where the flowers look as though they really are captured from  utopia in glass water drops, but something tells me that the way the sunlight would dance through these Orbs of Joy would at the very least warrant an, “Mmmm” or a, “My god, I think I just opened my eyes for the first time” or maybe, “Turn me into a fairy, asap. My homeland is calling me.”


Luckily for me, I live with someone who shares this somewhat obsessive appreciation for flowers. Now what does this naturally call for? A wall of pressed cheerleaders. Okay, that was admittedly disturbing, but remember that the cheerleaders of the Earth actually enjoy it. Their presence is intended to be permanent, but for some reason (someone told me because they are technically alive, but it could be a rumour) they need water and whatnot to keep on livin’. So pressed flowers are a beautifully convenient replacement.

Here is a perhaps more fancy-shmancy-DIY-skillz version..

If you want to get really epic:

gorgeous garden wallUntil next time, keep smilin’ (with flowers in your room, I think I’ve made it seem like that’s the only way possible).


first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh is me, eighth, ninth

Some Things Catchin’ My Eye

Cesarr Tario’s photostream on Flickr:

Everyone should have a jar or two of clouds in their home.

I can’t tell if he’s falling back into reality from his dreams, or if he’s being pulled into it. This looks to me like the transition point between the playfulness of your imagination and the sensible world of reality, so subtly done.

Such a playful mix of whimsy and realism! He takes the ordinary and adds a dash of drama, a heap of intrigue, and a sprinkle of some magic for an endlessly intriguing effect. I will obviously be checking up on his photo stream on the daily.
Irina Graewe’s Interior Styling:
The starkly modern cube teases us from the corner of the desk, making the subtle contrast from the more overpowering rustic atmosphere a little more bold. It reminds me of alternate dimensions for some reason, like the future slipping through a lapse in time into a more quaint period.
Also a period in time where people enjoyed to play absurdly large instruments. I like this period of time more and more.
Little, little people just chilling on your chair. Watch out, they do bite.

If I had any of these umbrellas on a rainy day, I would probably end up with a trail of equally cheery baby ducks following me down the street. What, you haven’t seen that happen before? All the best umbrellas come with a possy of baby ducks. Or piglets. They’re cute too.

 Very eery light. It gives off the same impression as a ghost, standing in the corner, wisps of her long silver hair hiding her face. Not a threatening presence though, but a confident and assertive one actually.
Irina’s website is also just a treat to look through anyways. 
I was lucky enough to steal a few days at my cabin a few weeks ago. If only I could’ve spent my whole damn summer there. Some pics:

Fucking delicious, people. Banana oat pancakes.

Havin’ a swell time as you can see. I’ve been wanting to visit this coffee shop, Culprit Coffee, ever since I saw the cheeriest yellow brick walls I’ve ever seen just drenched in sunlight, and just generally looking like it was transported straight from NYC.

Not a cloud in the sky that day. 

One morning, before an early shift at Anthropologie, I woke up to see sunlight pouring through my house because of the early sunrise. It gathered in places I thought it didn’t touch before, and gah, it was just magical.


The little things in life really do get to me most sometimes.
And maybe it’s because the littlest of matters can slip into the more untraceable areas of your mind, the sneakiest of hiding spots, and so once you notice it, like in hide and seek, when the tips of your little brother’s striped socks are peeking out from underneath the curtains, there’s that same rush of insatiable discovery when you find something you hadn’t noticed before. I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the tiny details surrounding me, like a desire to magnify everything around me as much as possible, from the laced pattern on my shorts to the rusted chain on my bike. Everything up close is so beautiful, so endlessly intriguing, so human. 

This is why I so desperately want a camera; to document what I’m falling in love with so rapidly.

Such human eyes.


Life Updates & Inspiration Clusters of Goodness

A few mornings ago, I opened my eyes to a mischievous, dancing trickle of light on the arm chair next to my bed. Initially, gotta say, I was like, “Yes, proof of fairies,” but then I emerged out of my dreams and propped myself up to pull up the blinds and HALLELUJAH IT’S THE SUN! THE SUN HAS COME FOR ALL TO SEE! Wait no, THE SUN HAS COME BECAUSE I’M HEALTHY AGAIN! MOTHA NATURE, I LOVE YOU, BABY GIRL!

Because that’s obviously how I sound when I’m excited.

Here are some bohemian ladiez who I’d kind of like to join in the sun.

Wizard sleeves are always a do, especially in a forest, because then you legitimately feel like a wizard gone off to concoct potions and ride deer or unicorn.

This splash would be beyond epic. Colours soaring gleefully through the air, or a hypnotic ripple of a rainbow pulsing away from you.

JESUS HORSE! He’s going to greet the wizard in the forest.

Anyways, everyone had been waiting for the return of our glorious sun for, well, summer time obviously, and so right when I was feeling healthy again, I open my blinds and you can see why I would think it was a present directly from Mother Nature to me. 

I’ve just been knocked out for about a week, literally isolated into the depths of my groggy, most likely hazey bedroom with strep throat. My brother said he thought I was just out for two days with friends because he hadn’t seen me. Nope! Just having some one-on-one time with me and my disgustingly sick self. She’s not a fun time. Don’t let her fool you. I will not be seeing her again for as long as I can. 

Now, aside from my ramblings and updates, here is the…

Inspiration Cluster of Goodness!

She is exactly how I would like to imagine myself looking with a pixie, but somehow I don’t think it’d look as adorably impish on me. 

I would never remove myself from this impossibly soft sweater, I know it.

What I’m listening to right now, by the way.
Just some models lost in the city of love. Really digging the denim jacket on mint. And the red lip, of course, always fitting with the cherry moped in the back.
But coral is my true love. Did you ever get underwear sets when you were a little girl, one for every day of the week? I was religiously dedicated to wearing the right pair on the right day, otherwise I’d feel like I was painted neon with flashing lights screaming, “WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.” Perhaps that’s an OCD tendency. Anyways, I can see the letters sewn into the back of this dress, “Sunday”, most likely in a dainty cursive font, and I’d stroll down the sun kissed streets every Sunday with a little birdie on my shoulder to fetch croissants. Weo!

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ps. a wonderful cluster of these pictures were found from Bohemian Daydream, a new favourite of mine!

The Purpose of Long Weekends

“Dear sleep, I know we had problems when I was younger. But now I love you.”
This utopic scene may have made an appearance way back in the day but it’s just so soothing. Couldn’t resist. It’s flirting with my desire to leave all the work I’ve conveniently left until today to get through and instead to slip away for a few hours in its endless amounts of pillows and sheets.

Treehouse swag, yo. Straight up. Looks like a clan of gypsies would live here, and I’m assuming they’d get along with me so I could live here too.

The darkness is hugging you in this room. Book lovers must be crying tears of joy right about now. 
Anyways, Happy Easter everyone! 
Short and sweet. Now get back to hunting for those eggs the bunny left behind.
But first, I must show you my foodgawker worthy yogurt parfait.

Nummy in my tummy.

{don’t know!, Between DreamsApricot Tea and HoneyPalidesWoah It’s LindseyApricot, can’t find!, can’t find!, Scandinavian Retreatfaizrosli}

En"deer"ing Prints

Oh, ho, ho, aren’t I punny? 
These are some wonderfully whimsical prints by Laura Makabresku. You know, sometimes I find people who I really, really would love to just take a quick snapshot of their mind’s imagination and workings. Lately: Laura Makabresku, and my chemistry professor. 
“deer, clock with coffee in it, and rented Andersen”
“little deer”

Intriguing titles, eh? Serene quality to each of the prints, but also slightly eery. I dig it.

Check out more of her work below!

Have a happy, happy Monday, folks!

Fairy Swag

Necessary repost. It’s gorgeous.
Got a little carried away looking up fairy-esque things. But what can I say, the fairies got some serious swag! Always pulling off that bohemian look, able to twist their hair into the most beautiful braids that it could be considered art, and, obviously, the winning factor, them bitchez can fly. 
Oh! And! Stumbled across some illustrations from my very favourite children’s book from when I was a wee little thing. No wonder I love fairies, they were everywhere when I was growing up. (Fairly sure my mum thought she had four fairies for kids and not humans anyway. It would explain a lot.)
Here’s the tidbits from Fairy Wings.
All about a little fairy born without wings…

GAH! Too beautiful. 

Pretty sure this is exactly what she would look like if she were to grow up to be a human.

GOTCHA with that one, didn’t I? Yeah, always had a thing for this guy. Even with sarcasm I can’t bring myself to fully say that. Holy shiza, he’s gross. 


Absolutely incredible. Sheer, undeniably heart-wrenching beauty. The galaxy in constant motion against the earth’s horizon, the fleeting stars and planets darting across the universe, the clouds as if they were the undulating ocean… TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. 
It’s entitled The Mountain. I’m watching again as I write this. Sometimes I forget how small we are, how entirely insignificant we are to what’s past our atmosphere. And it’s easy to forget, too, when you look at this video, because you see all of the beauty we’re blessed with. Why would we feel we need to look beyond or question it when what we have is so utopic?
Global warming, damn you. But honestly. When you even see just glimpses of the Earth’s raw beauty, it’s just unfathomable as to how we can continue down the path that, unfortunately, we have already set in motion. Do one thing today that otherwise you would find yourself saying you’re too lazy to do. One thing that could eventually turn into a habit. And we can all set a different path in motion step by step.
And that’s my spiel. Peace out home dawgs.