Supersize Me

If you want to make a statement, here’s the formula: take an already bare wall, supersize a portrait of the wealthy from way way way back when, and plaster it on as if it were wallpaper, and voila! Your room is sure to be quite the conversation starter. And I love how perfectly nonchalant these fellas are, as if they just casually sauntered in, and oh! Why, you just caught me writing a letter! I didn’t see you there! Or, oh! I just happened to walk through the door covered in multiple capes of fur (he’s a boss) and there you are painting me. 
In all honesty though, these rooms are probably the most dramatic I’ve seen and certainly the most unique. I was wowed.

Oh, how cute indeed.

It’s raining cats!

Animals are cutie pies, there’s no denying it. Particularly in these. In fact, I want my own wittle bunny wabbit to hold in my arms in an equally adorable retro bikini! And Brigitte is looking effortlessly gorgeous, as usual. No surprise there. As for the foxes, some may find that photo a tad creepy. They are, after all, all staring up at you with those relatively somber, all-knowing eyes. But I find foxes just so whimsical, I don’t know why. I adore them.
{All images credited by clicking}

The (2010) Etc. Labels

Voila, the Etc. Labels of 2010. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
As a side note, did you hear there could be two… suns… next year? Sure, bring that up to the 2012 doomsday fanatics. It’s going to be there new favorite piece of evidence as to why the world is going to END! Of course, another way we could all perish is the reversal of the magnetic poles, where we will be left with no magnetic field for only an instant and the sun will then turn into our murderous foe carrying a hydrogen bomb… sorry, physics class is clearly a morbid one, isn’t it. I’ll have some of the most uplifting songs coming up soon, so no worries. 🙂 Or you can just take a peak at those shoes and see the beauty in life again.
ps. Always on the lookout for the owners of these glorious pictures, so please let me know if you come across the talented fellow!

The (2010) Design Labels

And there you have it. My entire year’s worth of absolute favorites that have ended up in my design file. Let me know if you find the original poster so I can give them credit because I don’t know how many times I’ve looked through these and been hopelessly mesmerized again and again. 
ps. The etc. label will be up tomorrow. This bedroom of mine won’t clean itself and it’s slowly driving me mad. 
Hope your weekends were swell!

I Can’t Hold It In Any Longer

Over time, whilst dreamily looking through a collection of my favorite blogs, I’ve fell in love with oh so many things and, so that I can fall in love all over again when need be, I save them to certain files categorizing them all under design, etc, and yummy. Of course, those lines can be blurred sometimes. I simply can’t hold them in any longer, though, and must show you my favorites unless I would feel as if I’m greedily hiding something all to myself while writing anything at all here! So without further adieu, I present to you a collection of photos that bring me happiness every time I see them. I’ll show them to you under each label.

Please keep in mind, that I haven’t been able to trace back many to their original owners and none of these photos, I repeat, none, are mine. For example, the one above, which I love with all my heart. It’s adorable. The talented photographers and/or publishers are a mystery to me as of now, although I will share with you the blogs that continue to bring me happiness and inspiration along the new sidebar! I hope you love them as much as I do. 🙂 You’ll probably see most of the pictures in these wonderful sites anyways!