digging it: anthropologie daytimers

Moments for everything, including moments for you! Anthropologie’s “Every Moment Journal” makes me want to squeal.

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master plan, details and dates, jaunts and journeys, winks and whims
so much happiness

34612853_085_b 33633389_901_b2 There are a few strange souls in the world that don’t write things down, anywhere, ever. When I hear this, I don’t know whether to stop what I’m doing and bow down because their mental capacity is ridiculously impressive, or to run because they’re quasi-robots.

So yeah, I get a little dumbfounded either way. This is because I depend on writing my life down. Otherwise, you can consider that appointment, test, meeting, hangout, you name it, gone. Gone into the abyss that is my daytimer-dependant brain, not even with a dramatic poof of smoke.

I enjoy my dependence on daytimers though because, goddamn, I love them. I could spend hours in stationery stores and probably get the same amount of relaxation as a couple hours spent at some fancy spa.*

Something about having your life transcend its pages is so inherently soothing. It’s like all the pages ahead offer a sneak peak into what the next few weeks or months hold for you, which I get is completely ironic because there’s nothing surprising about something you’ve scheduled in yourself, but it feels that way.

And just like clothing, each daytimer brings on a different vibe. I recently purchased a daytimer that makes me feel as though I am an elvish empress, and each test deadline now appears like a mysterious quest (okay, not really, but whenever I open it, I do fully expect to see, “Journey to Alzareth,” and “Meditation at Moon Kiss Point”).

Now, in my opinion, the only place (ar at least the first place) you gotta go to get your daytimer game on point is Anthropologie. Above are a few of my favorites, especially the Every Moment journal – a poignant reminder that while life can be chaotic, there are so many moments to savor in between. And to never forget that you can create moments to savor, too.

Every Moment Journal, Anglophile Journal, Marbled Notebook, Monogram Crest Journal

What’s your favourite? Any other daytimer aficionados out there?


*How I wish I could be someone who says, “Oh, Tuesday? I can’t make Tuesday. It’s my spa day.” This type of person would probably close by saying, “Toodles!”


a little tour

chezadriennetitle Everybody has that friend who defies all previously held notions of “effortlessly cool.” You know, the one who wakes up in the morning, picks out any of the perfectly classic numbers hanging in her closet and spends a little under five minutes preparing her face for the world. Everything just clicks. They just seem to get things.  For me, that friend is Adrienne, the bold-browed beauty smiling coyly below. We’ve been best friends going on a decade, which is half of my life thus far (winning at friendship, to put it bluntly), and she only embodies this stereotype more and more with each year. Should I be resentful? Hell, no, because she imparts her wisdom and unbridled inspiration on me every time I see her. This past weekend, though, my whole idea of my best friend just catapulted out of an ornate ceiling with stringed lights draped from an archway. In short, I visited her house and quickly died, went to the heaven reserved for vintage wares, crisp white walls, fireplaces-in-bedrooms, and historic architecture, and then came back to go for waffles. Her apartment almost brought tears to my eyes. So what kind of girl would I be if I didn’t share with you a home so perfect that I almost cried? Not an effortlessly cool one, let’s say that. chezadrienne

An Etsy find from her sister, this clock was made out of recycled wood that has been stained and repurposed. This piece singlehandedly defines the room’s vibe for me. Hung just above a perfectly proper fireplace, Adrienne’s aesthetic of funky vibes mingling with opulence is the perfect greeting into her home.
On asking why she chooses to have her (sweet n’ stylish) clothes on display: “It was originally something I bought out of necessity, but I ended up loving the way it brought colour and texture to the space; so much of what I gravitate toward is grey and boring, so having it all exposed forces me to have a little life in my room. It also makes what I own so visible – not just in the literal way – it makes me realize how much I have. It’s terrible how easily I can get caught up in feeling like I need to have new and trendy things (boo consumerism), but having it all on display is such a strong reminder not to be wasteful.”
On what her favourite part of her room is: “I think my favourite part has to be the archway. As much as arches typically add ornate detail to a room, this one is actually pretty tacky and silly, and I love it. The original wood design was apparently so delicate that it just sort of fell apart with age, so the details were all redone in the 80s – hence the weird and silly retro spheres..”
Galleries are so daunting to me, I don’t know why, mostly because I’m under the impression that you need real ART. Adrienne scored some vintage frames and record covers and suddenly I am rethinking my whole conception of what makes a “good” gallery. Personally, bringing in a level of intimacy and personality by displaying bits and pieces of your life – be it photos or album covers you’ve always had lying around – is much more interesting.
“The vast majority of the items in the room are actually heirlooms and trinkets from the Granny, who passed away a few years ago. She was an incredible world traveller and collected a huge array of unique items over the years. When she died, she left all of them to my sister and I. We were all very close,and used to go over to her apartment and play dress-up with all of her costume jewels, or have fake tea parties with her ridiculously fancy silver and crystal tea sets (which I’m still not sure why she ever let us touch).”
“The pearls, the tray, the lantern, and nearly all of the little things on the shelves belonged to her. I love having them around. It’s really comforting to come home and see little reminders of people you loved, especially in your own room. It really makes it feel like a sanctuary.”

IMG_8646 IMG_8614IMG_8641IMG_8650   Thank you, Adrienne, for letting me share your beautiful home with the world! It’s almost as cool as you are. (Yay, cheese!) Signing off, *m

Mind = Blown

Every now and then I’m really glad I have a book of faces (facebook) because you can come across some damn nifty things. Of course, it’s relatively akin to shopping at a dingy thrift store. Most of the articles you see, you may question humanity as to why they were ever even created in the first place, like a turtle neck with a bunny silhouette cut out to show bare skin on the neck (or in terms of dear facebook, cue dramatically passive agressive statuses about a boy, potentially in poetry, or perhaps a mobile upload with the caption, “Hard day,” and a girl with immaculately straightened hair in front of a mirror putting on a sad face). Then, out of nowhere, comes a reason as to why you went there in the first place. An absolute treasure has been revealed.

Now I’ve always been fascinated by how our mind can play tricks on us with music and headphones in. As in when a cello is playing on what seems like one side of your brain, and then Adele is belting it out on the other. I can vividly see some casual cellist sitting on a miniature chair atop my gross looking brain, knowingly smiling at Adele.

So, enough of my rambling and to the point, do you fancy a virtual haircut? Have you been looking in the mirror and thinking, “What happened, when did I become Hagrid?” This is for you. And even if you’ve looked in the mirror and thought, “Holy crap, gotta take this sexuality down a notch,” still listen because, shhh, you don’t actually get a hair cut.

With a cherry on top.

Fresh Sheets

You know what never fails to put me in a good mood?

FRIDAYS! Yippee!

And also a freshly made bed. Particularly when I’m about to fall asleep in it. And fully know that I can sleep in until my heart’s content the next morning.

Although typically I don’t fall asleep in such a dainty, low backed blouse with a wreath of flowers around my head. Maybe one day. But let’s be real, a flannel pj set is much more comfortable.

However, no matter what you are wearing, each of these beds will accept you with open arms, and you can settle into a dreamy utopia underneath its crisp, inviting sheets…

If I were to live in this bedroom, my Sunday mornings would be perfection. 
“Hm, I should really get up…”
Rolls onto the bean bag.
“Good enough for me.”
Really enjoying the yellow flowahz. Although with these eclectic pillows, and all their warm tones, any colour would be splendid.
Those windows are so generous with light, wow. I am in love with them. Although, gotta say, if you replaced the flowered wallpaper behind with distressed, white wood, I would die in the face of its beauty.
Fireplace within an arm’s reach of the bed! Comfort level: infinity! I feel so at peace looking at this.
This bedroom is downright teasing me.
Sometimes though an unmade bed is just as tempting, probably because it reminds me of the glorious time when I was sound asleep under its warmth. Mmm…

And how beautifully serene is this little girl? Her hair is identical to my mermaid’s
Has to be my absolute favourite of Sally Mann‘s photography. 

Scandinavian Haven

I have always been drawn to the crisp whites of Scandinavian design, and so of course this home was just irresistible to me. The kitchen is just perfect. I would cook yummy pasta salads all afternoon, with the light pouring in through the generous windows, and have a friend or two playing the ukulele in the corner while we laugh over life’s frivolity. Oh hawhawhaw! Life is grand.

But honestly, this is one of my favourite examples of Scandinavian design. The cheery yellow of the desk chair, along with the abundance of animal portraits on sheets and pillows, the rustic windows, the set of retro lockers… it all conveys such a clear, easy-living lifestyle. It’s also inevitable that if the walls are painted such a white white, that the furniture and design of the home will speak for themselves. They dictate how the home will feel. Whether that is minimalist, retro, rustic, or romantic. Scandinavian design allows for you to express your individuality, but in a subtle way.


ps. Sorry I left you without some rabbit ears for the weekend. I was away at a women’s leadership conference. It was fascinating. Not to mention I met someone who is currently living my dream job – a sustainable architect, so I’m a happy camper.

Highly recommend you watch this documentary as soon as you can. It’s appalling the direction our media is taking us.

{Living Agency}

An Injection of Subtle Luxury

Fur and chandeliers. That is the instant remedy for an injection of some much needed luxury, if you ever find yourself in that position. Evidence? Well. The room itself, empty, is completely and totally rustic, almost to the point of appearing incomplete with the bare and minimalist cement flooring.
The room would be expecting to be filled with a chipped white table or two, a faded floral chair here, some dainty flowers hanging over there…


Add a dangerously soft looking fur throw over top of the bed and suddenly this room no longer appears minimalist but royally rustic. Such a delicate balance between two contrasting looks, but it is, if I do say so myself, perfection.

And of course, wear your poppy with pride today, folks. Lest we forget.


{greige designhomiemiss design}

One Badass Hippo

First let me just say how much I love her dress. Very chic.
And now let me say (stop reading here if I’m not allowed to say it) how much I adore this apartment to bits. Usually I have a tendency to be drawn to rooms where there is less going on. Not in a minimalist sense, although that can be equally tempting if done in a certain way, but more of a “if you lived here there will be nothing that will ever go wrong again, ever” kind of way. You know, with gleaming white counter tops, dainty vases of fresh flowers, wide open shutter windows with light washing over the walls… so that imagining any stress whatsoever taking place there seems literally impossible. 
But this apartment is like a feast for the eyes in another way. Every place my eyes seemed to rest, even for a moment, there was something intriguing staring back at me. A statue of a tough, chocolate bull dog, a pop of bright pink in the form of a tree stump stool, two leather chairs that seem right out of Star Trek, a truly 80’s boombox radio, dazzling jewelry, all so meticulously organized, or a very happy collection of book ends and miniature statues adorning the book case. So just as the rooms of impossible stress tempt me in one way, this room tempts me in another. One can really imagine a life going on here. It isn’t too prim and perfect. There’s room for a little healthy chaos, and once all is well in the world, you can take a visit to your hippo friend who just so happens to be a bartender at the same time. There is so much glamour, and so much ingenuity. I can practically feel the creativity pulsing through the veins of this designer, becoming more and more exhilarated with each vintage trinket or bold piece he or she found.
And so of course it makes sense that an editor from Vogue lives here. Honestly, how am I not surprised.
ps. Can no longer find the link, however, if you are dying out of desperation to find it, I will make sure to look through each page in my history to find it. At this point though, True Blood is calling my name. Forgive me.

Everyone Has A Favorite

Just as I was perusing through Anthropologie’s site for some much needed inspiration, I came across these absolutely whimsical knobs and doorsteps, all involving an intricately made animal. This is the type of thing that fits perfectly into saying, “It’s the small things that count.” How happy would I feel every time I went to open up my drawers… positively bubbly. Now every time I look over at my desk to its achingly simple, white, circular knobs… I weep a little inside. Yes, weep. (Weep! Weep! If you say that enough times, it kind of makes me wonder why it ever became a word to describe crying. It sounds like a cheerful little bird!) 
“…and then she said to me…”


“I will guard your bathrobe with my life.” Doesn’t he look trustworthy? 


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