invite me over: Sherlock meets Waldo


To some, having a desk at the end of their bed might look like a pair of handcuffs. And I totally get that. We all want to wake up and pretend, just for a brief, glorious moment in time, that our lives really do just consist of solo coffee dates, lengthy bubble baths, and perhaps, if we’re feeling particularly motivated, matinee movies.

But if we must work, then we must do what we love (or so everybody likes to muse as though they’re telling you this information for the first time). And the fella that lives here? He’s an art expert, world traveller, and interior designer. Meet Rodman Primack. Or meet the man that leads the life we all wish we had.

Below, a peak at his enviably cultured apartment in NYC, courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Yes, we’ve seen that gnome before… this week’s Wednesday Feast was teasing you and you didn’t even know it. 😉

It’s hard to put your finger on just where in the world his style is coming from. I see Spain, Morocco, France, Belgium, even the otherworldly (I’m looking at you, gnome boy). Yet everything comes together with such clarity. His galleries are a masterfully curated example of this, featuring each corner of the world all at the same time so that we witness one fantastical scene of cultural diversity.

Primack’s playfulness with proportions seems to come naturally to him, too. Where we might expect smaller accents of color, we see paintings, plants, and light fixtures dominating the scene, unabashedly testing our limits.

The result, of course, is an apartment that sacrifices our expectations for relentlessly eclectic fun. Sherlock-meets-Waldo kind of fun. And what’s more fun than that combo?

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! Does anyone have any family/solo traditions for celebration? I’m really curious because sometimes they’re straight up hilarious/ I would like to live vicariously through you. For the past three years, Easter has been something of a semi-sweet occasion for me. On the one hand, I have the whole house to myself as my roomies flee to their respective homes, and on the other, I just think about how awesome it would be to have my seat back at home, a huge chicken and mashed potatoes filling my plate as my eyes grow four times their normal size in anticipation of eating.

Regardless, everyone seems particularly chipper during Easter weekend. Tulips, pastel colors, maybe the appearance of sun dresses if the weather permits – Easter really just doubles as one big celebration of spring, baby!


Working Bees Like Collages

Oh, the ambitious vision I had for my college work space. Sleek white shelves against a DIY wallpaper background, inspirational posters and family photos interspersed below them, and maybe a fox in a velvet green suit with a monocle framing a curious eye (a figurine, of course, otherwise that’s just unrealistic). But what am I left with? An incomplete wall of corkboard circles, and a makeshift collage I had recruited myself to take on for the school newspaper’s LifeStyle section (where I happen to work, otherwise I wouldn’t force the editors to feature my little DIY project).

All I can do now is pick up from where I started. Complete a collage that is both buzzing with motivation (I do aspire to be a working bee) and free from the chaos that comes with collages fit for a fan-girling teenager.


Christmas gifts this year will be opened meticulously carefully so that I can essentially use them as itty bitty scraps of art. I’m sorry, family. It will take me anywhere from three – five minutes to open gifts this year.

70b40a16b95d7c492225bfef925b7c3eLiteral inspiration board. To be precise, a wood board. If I had the luxury of having an office that was all glamour and all white, a rustic wooden board would be so welcomed.


Organized inspiration. Plus, the peachy-pink colour palette of this scene is too soothing. (I even have a little set of rainbow clothes pins… intriguing).


Three perfectly framed words of motivation, forcing you to be picky about what you put up in front of you, and to choose only those that are more personalized to what you need to hear. For example, I don’t particularly like hearing the “rough and burly coach” type of motivation screaming at me, “That’s all you got?! Hah! Come on!” Instead I welcome an Australian yoga teacher anyday saying, “Breathe, and take one day at a time.” (Accents can vary.) Also that pink skull is very necessary.

09c4ec85a0b4d2aebf1012d1bceb7939This is almost more like a showroom than an office. As soon as I slip into my desk chair, I can imagine myself itching to grab a tube of red lipstick and getting down to business in the mode of some high-fashion magazine editor. I might also snap at someone for a tall, non-fat no-sugar latté. And yet the colour in this room is a constant display of optimism to me. Every detail is soaked in vibrancy, and although some may grow tired of this amount of bold detail (myself included), if work is only requiring a couple hours of your time then I can’t imagine a better energy booster.


This room takes that optimism and plays it down a bit. Its presence is still hanging off each frame, each antler horn, each banner, yet it takes on a more subtle form with the more rustic backdrop of a white brick wall. There’s a little more room for mistakes, and a big reminder that that’s most certainly “ok”.


Oh, IKEA, you Swedish creative masterminds. Taking a circular cork board as bubbles of inspiration boards is the most refreshing twist of tradition. I tried this in my own room, and I’m quite pleased with it, if it weren’t for the lack of symmetry. I wish I had one or two more to complete my equally Swedish, not quite as creative (as I didn’t exactly come up with) office space.  

Chalky Creative Juices (Yummy, eh?)

You can just call the space above my bed a void. Regrettably, it holds the remnants of a DIY project that was unintentionally entirely unpractical. That’s kind of a mouthful, but the project was too. I hung stringed lights so that they made the silhouette of a frame. Boom, that’s magical. Then I tied three strings from each side to the other, and attached photos with paper clips to it. That’s where it went awry. Because every time I settled into bed, my pillows would destroy my masterpiece in one innocent “still-getting-comfortable” move.


So remind me why I didn’t move into a classroom again? Well, because that’d be straight up depressing, obviously. But it does hold a very simple answer to not only changing up your bedroom as often as you please, and, if I got that nifty chalkboard “marker”, I get a semi-permanent headboard too.


Isn’t this room so alive? It’s practically bursting through my screen. And, unlike my own whimsical dreams of a starrily lit headboard with dangling photos, the whimsical nature of these cupboards is still practical. It also saves you from ever needing to tell a friend or house guest (I guess the house guest isn’t your friend, in this case) from where that dang breakfast spoon is.


I recognize that this is a menu, but golly jee willickers, it’s art to me. This should just be my headboard instead. And I wouldn’t say no to what they’re serving up either. (In fact, I’d ask for it immediately. Maybe command if I’m direly hungry.)


So what we’re looking at here is but a simple collage, am I right? No! A gallery of inspiration, thanks to the elegant logo floating above. A collage can always be deemed a gallery when given a title.


I never knew this either, but a chalk headboard can make your dreams come true, too. Want a little puppy to greet you in the morning? Draw one into your reality. Let’s just ignore the fact that it may be diagnosed with an unknown doggy disease given its distant eyes and disintegrating legs. Let’s move on from this morbidity. It’s a cute idea.


And here, I present to you, a real gallery! Displayed on the walls of a Parisian apartment bedroom, we have a very minimalist gallery – although, I’d fill those frames in a second with some substance. Or at the very least a chalk-drawn doggy. 😉


Gord Bond Exhibition at Hamilton’s Mulberry Street Coffee House (aka a coffee shop I can deem perfect in an instant).


I sat down next to a rather colourful young man, with a pair of eyes that seemed to stare into my soul, or at least one side of my face. I was then asked to leave the coffee shop as I was engaging in an animated discussion with a painting.


Gord Bond is the real creator of these fellas. He plays “God” to a whole clan of faces that perpetuate reflection on how we examine those around us – what we decide is perfect and, with that, what we decide is beautiful.


I was entranced by them. And although not for their realism initially, I came to see these portraits as even more realistic as to how we interpret the world… because I don’t go up to the bus driver to pay for my ticket and see nothing but a face in perfect proportions. I see the greying hairs burrowed on top of his eyes, and maybe the lines stemming from his eyes. Or I greet the hostess of a local restaurant and focus on her perfectly arched eyebrows, as though they were painted on her face, and her full lips dramatized with the help of a cranberry hue in lipstick. So if I were to paint a portrait of either of these people, and if I were to paint proportionally as to what I focused on, the works of Gord Bond would mirror my own, in terms of style alone, to a precise degree. Magnified and shrunken characteristics, bold strokes glazing over the areas I didn’t linger over, and more detail given to the areas I did. The beauty of this work, however, is that no two portraits would be the same given our own differing interpretations of our imperfect world around us. What ends up on my canvas could be entirely different than yours’, and that’s why I was so entranced with these paintings… because it was as if I was stepping into the interpretation of the world through the eyes of another.


(no photo mine, unless it says Little Rabbit Ears on it!)

Geometry Class

Ever since I posted about the minimalist shelving units by Outofstock, the ones that are suspended in the air with neon steel rods, I’ve become so in love with design that keeps the lines of basic shapes visible. It’s almost as if they leave us with the bare bones of something to come, and yet everything looks exactly as it should. Maybe it’s akin to seeing a distressed brick wall in a finished home. It seems to add an instant injection of history, and warmth, and seeing a creation paused, yet finished. 

Hope you followed my ramblings there.


tumblr_lyl4zq8oNY1qcirk4o1_500It’s similar to seeing something as minimal as this mirror against such an ornate wall. The unexpected arrival of something so bold in its simplicity gives the room such a kick, as if it hadn’t already with the pair of riding boots standing proudly in the center.


Geometry draped in gold. My mind is going in circles as to why I haven’t dipped everything on my own desk in gold.


Speaking of brick walls, these are perhaps the cleanest, most deliciously white brick walls I’ve ever seen. If there hadn’t been some keen observation towards the eye-catching circular shelves, the brick wall wouldn’t have been on the radar. Just a pleasantly subtle way to wrap the room in an elegant package. 

But, of course, the shelves do steal the show here. They add such playfulness to an otherwise entirely sophisticated and elegant room on its own. And, oh my stars, those golden birds. Even this room has caught onto the trend of dipping everything in gold – I’m clearly behind.


That ladder goes up to a roof garden, I hope.

In this case, though, this room may be downright depressing if it weren’t for the distorted lines of the geometric lighting. And yet, perhaps the intention of the designer is to have complete confirmation that our eyes are drawn to the lighting in that it’s more a piece of art than anything. Again, the juxtaposition of two entirely different vibes accomplishes this.


Can I call this mirror adorable? Because that’s what it is to me. A miniature garden for a miniature triangular mirror. A graceful infusion of nature into a soft white brick wall. Goes together like milk and cookies.


And how could I write about “geometry” without bringing up origami? It’s the bare shapes we don’t dress up, which still become a form of equally intriguing art, that entice me. And this workspace would be begging for some joy in light of its almost asylum-like monochromatic color scheme. I want to so desperately throw a bright red clock against the wall.

On the note of insanity (re: asylum reference), I have just emerged out of possibly the most hectic two/three weeks of my academic life. And now, I declare victory. Simply because I have survived, give or take a few battle scars.

Just enjoyed some West African Peanut Soup that I made myself. Please don’t think I came up with that on a whim, because it was all Cookies + KateShe is a culinary goddess.


(first via achica, unable to find, third, fourth, fifth via pinterest)

The Miscellaneous Drawers

There is no greater mystery to me than what on earth to do with the dreaded “miscellaneous drawer”. It’s nearly akin to the goblin that resides in each of our drying machines, who pounces on just a single sock at a time. You know, the natural phenomenon where you take the laundry out, and there’s just one sock left when you could have sworn you put in two. And he takes just one because he’s on a diet, obviously. He’s been painted in a negative light in the tabloids (aka children’s books). And yet so has this miscellaneous drawer, or whatever you happen to call it: etcetera drawer, random drawer, nothing drawer, don’t-look-there-because-it-will-ruin-my-facade-of-organized perfection drawer. The last one really rolls off the tongue, hence its abundant use.


And yet there a few lucky souls in the world who know of no such mystery. Everything is laid out for them, and there is no impending heart attack when thinking about the whereabouts of their tape roll because it was dropped into your miscellaneous drawer aka a black, messy, maybe smelly hole.

Take this beauty of a work space. A desk that is a blend of mid-century classics with a refreshingly modern twist. A glass surface has always intrigued me, and I can’t say I’ve ever worked on one, but I could guess it would feel strangely liberating seeing your work floating above your crossed legs. But more than that, she has displayed pieces that may find their way into your mystery drawer as wall-worthy accessories. That cat mask that you wanted to save (and/or wear in a moment’s notice) is purring. And the punch of happiness in the form of the yellow magazine tray is intended for those old magazines you wish to save, but simply don’t have a place for.


But hey! Maybe you don’t want any of that near your desk. Perhaps your desk is of minimalist nature, and you wish to keep anything miscellaneous in nature away from your zen. Well then just rip your front door off. Okay, a slightly less aggressive option is to simply scout one at an old thrift store (and a more aggressive option is to take your neighbour’s). But see, this is all about different places to stow away your favourite pieces without needing to stick to the predetermined drawers.


Ah, the drop of the jaw that came with this one. I have to be honest – I’m in uncomfortable territory here. There is so much to look at and so much to ogle over. It just reminds me of that crazy aunt who would pinch your cheeks and somehow have a matching wardrobe to her house but then she got a wicked, modern makeover when she ran straight into the wall looking for her cat. This may or may not be the happy result of such an occurrence.


The miscellaneous drawer in my desk during high school tended to accumulate mass amounts of notebooks and textbooks that I dreamily considered looking over before the next year. This, of course, quickly dissipated as my mornings began to prioritize the well-being of my sims over the well-being of my education. Regardless, don’t discard the beat up education drawer, if you will. Clipboards have stormed through the pinterest world.

Take a look at a sweet DIY and a sweet collection of inspiration.


At first glance, one would make the most likely safe assumption that this belonged to a man, perhaps his man cave/office, simply by the dark, cozy hues, distressed brick wall, and sleek wooden surfaces… wait a second, what the heck, those are my favourite things. And let’s be honest. It’s a give away this room is intended for an elegant woman who prefers androgynous clothing with hints of femininity, like a simple black tank with a hint of a lacy bra peeking out along her ribs, or by the ever so dainty collection of flowers spilling out of her favourite, gifted vase.

This lovely lady keeps all of her miscellaneous items by pressing on the third brick from the left wall, and waiting for a pair of magical hands to take them from her while she gets back to living her cool life (or she has no need for a miscellaneous drawer because of her love for minimalism already).


Speaking of magic, let us take a moment and appreciate just how much Harry Potter would not appreciate his bedroom transforming into an equally hidden away palace for organization. But we would all appreciate it, wouldn’t we? For the sake of quality design? Anybody?

On that magical note (and saddening for good ol’ Harry Potter), happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Let’s become so stuffed with pumpkin pie our skin turns a pleasant orange. Seriously, don’t leave me hanging here.


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Happiness Sharing Time!

Tumblr is not only a place of angsty words spilling from the mouths of privileged teens, or incessant photos of naked women in distinctively awkward poses. It is a land of gems, just hidden gems. Hence why I still have a tumblr, even after slamming my head into my keyboard about four times whenever I scroll through and see yet another girl in a flannel shirt, holding a coffee cup, with the caption, “I just need somebody to love.” YOU WON’T FIND SAID PERSON ON TUMBLR.

Well, actually, true story, a girl I knew in high school did in fact find somebody to love in this bizarre world. They’re still together, too. Makes for an interesting, “And how did you two meet?” story. But this is beside the point. 

Recently, I wandered into quite a hidden treasure trove actually. Please don’t dismiss this tumblr based on its name. Each interior is quality stuff. So this is to you, decor whore, and all your wonderful choices in life.

(I feel as though I should make this a running series. The hidden gems of tumblr. It’s tough to find, but when you do find them, it is so worth it.)

The high ceilings are almost reminiscent of a studio, especially with them sleek appliances. But then we can see the farm-house details making an appearance, whether through the statement door at the end of the kitchen, or the paneled cupboards. The implicit contrast is endlessly pleasing.
This is the cheeriest kitchen I’ve seen in a long time. Perhaps it’s because of that adorable dog staring longingly into my eyes, or perhaps it’s because they combined the two most pep-me-up colours known to the human eye: sunshine yellow and happy skies blue.
A pleasant mixture of rustic and minimalist elements (aka my favourite mixture ever), and I think it was a particularly smart move to adopt the minimalist shelf against the window rather than an aged wooden one. The light coming in is left nice and pure.
Living small – fairly sure that’s a washing machine or dryer. Economical! Or just a dishwasher, which may be more probable. But hey, regardless, this kitchen makes me think of baking cupcakes. Fresh, girly, retro times.
Ah, sometimes light is the only thing you need in a room. It’s just a blanket of happiness. I would feel so zen in this room, and that is not a word I regularly use (for good reason, don’t wanna be the girl that always comments on the zen qualities in her life… how many people actually know what zen really means anyhow?).
An aga! I grew up with an aga. Reactions are always very perplexed as to what this odd, often colourful cube structure is doing in the kitchen. Is it… a dishwasher? Are those… cabinets? And then you take out a perfectly cooked turkey and their minds are blown. And omgthatwallpaper. Could it be any more adorable? NO. The answer is no. I’m fairly sure I would spend at least five minutes a day just taking in how pretty it looks.
So much to look at without feeling bombarded by details. This floor is begging to have slippered feet slide across it. Doesn’t this table just look like it would facilitate such artistic conversations? A clan of sculptors each making their way into the big league.
Has anyone seen Tangled? Please don’t judge me… but it was a fandiddlytastic movie. Anyway, this room is reminiscent of a modern version of the tower she was locked away in. Surprisingly full of light, with vines creeping in and potted plants. Either way, I would not mind being banished away into a room as cheerful as this.

January’s Pressures

I think of all the months, January very well may have it the hardest.

Just around the corner of New Year’s ecstasy lies the first of January, gleaming in the light of a fresh start. She’s dressed in garments of hope, and ambition, wearing a beret made up of future artistic endeavours, and peers through sunglasses moulded with confidence. We practically knock her over when saying hello, bursting with anticipation as we shake the hands of a new year. We begin to recite to her the dreams of 2013, and she smiles and nods and agrees with our aspirations. After all, how could she deny us this giddy desire for a whole year’s worth of days? The first of January is no stranger to such greetings, as it comes every year without fail. Whether we publicize our greeting with her or not, everyone has the same twinkling wish in the backs of our minds for the best year yet.

13 - 9

Then we meet up with January 15th.

How are the daily runs going? January 1st told me all about them. Sounds really great. You mean you didn’t actually get up every morning at 7 to go for a jog? You know what, that’s cool. At least you go three times a week? O-oh, well once a week is really good too! Oh, no times a week? I guess you can’t succeed in all of your resolutions. I’m sure your school work is going swimmingly then. No? Have you been keeping up with the readings? Have you dedicated an hour to blogging everyday? Have you made sure to line up a summer internship yet? No? NO?


January 15th pretends to be sympathetic, but we all know she’s a judgemental bastard. You came to January 1st with such ambition and innocence, and now you’re slowly admitting defeat to every day after. But hey! Wipe those hypothetical tears away! Go back into your closet and grab those hypothetical garments of hope and ambition and all that jazz! Snatch those glasses moulded with confidence that are gathering dust and put ’em on with pride! I challenge you to face up to one of your New Year’s resolutions for today and push that condescending reminder of your procrastination to the very back of your mind. Put it out of the way. January, as hyped up as it is with new dreams and rules, is just another month to try and be your very best. Every month should be greeted with such anticipation. Every day should be greeted with just as much excitement.

That is all, lovelies. I’m off to fetch a pita.

Where I Would Like to be Studying Right Now

Exams are burying young men and women around the world. Frantic, dazed, sleepless youth are wandering in and out of libraries, coffee shops, basements of their dorms.
I am one of them.
*insert dramatic music*
And now, on my study breaks, my eyes have become trained to focus in on books or computers or desks or anything else in resemblance of my setting of the last few days. Some of my favourites.
(This is really all just an excuse to show books in rooms looking adorable.)
For some reason, I always associate a fashion editor or photographer dwelling in this room. Most likely in some dramatically upscale outfit in bursts of colour, casually flipping through a magazine, or running her fingers down the spines of the impressively monochromatic book collection.
Ah, it’s a dangerous ting indeed to have two vintage suitcases right in view whilst studying.
1. I would muse about couples eloping in the fifties, rebelling against society with the thrill of adventure fuelling their journey.
2. I would dream about flying home in a creamy trenchcoat and robin’s egg blue oxford shoes to match my trunk.
3. Well, I would literally leave.
(Blood and Champagne, aka the sweetest site I have found in a very long time)
Scrolling down past this image made my eyes widen like I just saw Santa Claus. That wood, is gorgeous. It reminds me of caramel macchiatos and Christmas fireplaces. And at the same time, I love how mysterious I would appear to any guests if they asked what I kept in there and I would simply reply, “I can’t go into that right now.” 
I like to think of myself as quite the enigma, as you can see (this may or may not be true, most likely not).

The good ol’ days. It’s weird to me that I can actually say that without it being laughably near to my age now. Reminds me of when I was nine or so and said, “Well I remember when I was young…” and the small party of adults near me roared with laughter to my sincere confusion.

DAMN STRAIGHT, do I enjoy this office or what. If I walked into this office, I would immediately expect to be meeting with someone with a hell of a lotta swag and I may not want to leave their presence in the hopes of sneaking some. Or at the very least attempt to steal one of those sweet ceramic white legs to place, very randomly, into my dorm. 


Dormspiration: Come One, Come All!

Seeing as how my ever so humble abode is now going to be a room the size of a bathroom as I’m off to good ol’ university (I say that like I’ve been there before), every detail is crucial. Listen, I’m very affected by my surroundings. When a tornado has passed through my room, it’s very inconvenient. (That disaster of clothes on the floor is my fault? No, no, silly. Just another tornado sweeping past.) I will actively avoid my room all day and pretty much get to the point where I forget it exists, other than when I stumble in to sleep in this foreign, unmade bed. Or I’ll just consume myself in its messiness and become one sticky, conglomerated ball of laziness and spend hours underneath my sheets, wishing it all to disappear, but at the same time kind of relishing in my own sloth-like form.

^me. (But not actually. Just my sloth twin.)
So I do vow to at least try and keep my dorm clean, otherwise I’ll sleep on benches in the library and look like one of those severely sleep deprived keeners who refuse to leave before their finals (although this young man deserves some appreciation). 
And now, some dormspiration
A map of Europe only, please, to somewhat satisfy my incurable travel bug.

Imagine how efficient it would be to write all my papers on a typewriter? No mistakes for me.

Mosquito nets have always had an air of luxury to me. Delicately draped over your bed, a princess slumber is awaiting. Oh and then when morning comes, and the light’s pouring through your window, it’s like you open your eyes to a sleepy, magical haze all around you. 

I’ve posted this once before, but I am seriously considering a shelf so close to my bed fit for a laptop. Better yet, maybe I should invest in a king size bed and have it cover my entire floor. So tempting.

I love this. Everyone needs some floral love in their abode, especially when it looks as if peonies were simply sprinkled over your curtains.

Unfortunately most dorms don’t come with spiral, wooden staircases. This shall have to change.

For my graduation present, I was lucky enough to be able to order a DSLR camera with our air miles (what a wonderful creation). After tracking its delivery for over a week, anticipating its arrival to the second, and just generally being a giddy twelve year old, it has arrived in glorious form on my front door steps… only to be taken captive by my mother and banished into the depths of her secret hiding spots of presents. At risk of sounding like a spoiled Dudley Dursely, it’s mine, mine, mine! Give it back, mumma! 

^me again. But the steam decided to come out of my eyes instead of my ears, minor inconvenience. 
But anyways. 
Random, lovely items I wish to have in my dorm.
1. String of lights
2. Dainty teacups
3. Miniature animals
4. Coffee table books for somewhat productive procrastination
5. Wired grid for nostalgic photos
6. Vintage mirror
7. Paper peonies for my curtains
8. Mosquito net
9. Map of Europe
10. A kitten if possible


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Soothing to the Eyes & Ears

Landslide (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) – Fleetwood Mac

Myth – Beach House
Summer – Mmoths
For What It’s Worth (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) – Buffalo Springfield
p.s. If you’re curious about the music, it’s all from the album, Feel It All Around, which can be downloaded for sampling purposes. 😉 Click me.
p.s.s. My foot has gone completely numb in its slumber while making this post. Can’t walk on it for the life of me. The things I do for you lovely people.
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