Pretty Patric Pictures

After perusin’ through SF Girl By Bay’s latest posts, Patric Johansson came into my life.
Yes, we eloped.
No, I kid. But I can say that his photos sure enticed me. 
Ranging from dainty tea parties to industrial white kitchens he’s got it all. Take a peak at the goodies over in his portfolio. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though. There is a high risk of lingering for an hour or two, especially once you start finding where all of the photos otherwise live (Swedish Elle Interior or IKEA catalogues, for example).
Now that I’ve most likely sufficiently creeped out Patric, let the beauty commence.

Hope your thanksgiving was splendid and delicious and joyous.

A Trip Through the Sun, From France

Ah, this room makes me feel light. Imperfect walls, a rugged collection of paintings and sketches, ultra-bright pillows… just insert me lounging like a cat on the couch right over there. 
That chair. What confidence. Should I mayhaps be in an entirely white & polished room, an iMac gazing into my eyes, with bouquets of my friends poised around the desk in front of me? I could. Or I could totally be the subject of attention against this rustic landscape. 
She prefers eyes on her at all times. But may have to share the attention with that good lookin’ ladder.
I’m really curious as to what’s above this bed… my dreams would be complete if it were an office that I could just sneak away to without anyone noticing. Or an art studio, omg. Or maybe it’s just a hideaway retreat for some relaxation.
Well I just felt like I was walking through the sun. Please invite me over anytime, will you?

Feminine Functionality

Oh, hello there chair of my dreams. Correction: entire desk of my dreams. Not too cluttered, and not too minimalist to the point where if I left an eraser at a forty-five degree angle the world would implode. 
The collection of logs adds a very “rugged but still totally feminine getaway” look. That’s a term, right?
Oh, ho, ho! Deja vu! I love seeing how a bedroom fits into the rest of its home.
Yet another fur throw! I’d get along with this girl for sure. And would ya look at that painting, it blows me away. So much warmth and emotion.
I can already envision myself groggily stumbling in, and just instantly be perked up with this amount of light. Even if it were rainy, I feel like the colour of the wall, although dark, is actually quite comforting. Kind of wraps you up in its comforting hue.
I love when a home strikes the right balance between making a statement and actual practicality, so that you can really imagine yourself living there. I know I’m not alone when I say that I can easily see myself working away at that luxuriously comfortable desk, or curled up with a fur throw in the inviting living room (because let’s be honest, fur throws are something of a staple in this house). 
Sometimes though, practicality can be interpreted as completely minimalist, when it’s just bare white walls, dramatically high ceilings, with a single navy couch in the middle of the room and a stainless steel encased fireplace, maybe a red tricycle in the corner for a statement. But, I really can’t see myself living in a place like that. Because although you could say that minimalism is the height of functionality, we’re all human, and we need comfort, too.
That said, I understand that some people would want total and complete minimalism because that is what they find comforting in itself. Just my two cents.


This is a happy room. It is clinically impossible to be unhappy while you’re surrounded by so many vibrant colours.

And P-POW! Hello crazy cool nails. You’ll be on my hands one day soon when I (realistically) have about four hours to spare. 
Still can’t fully tell if this is a painting or a photo, and that’s why it has left me so intrigued. That thick black nail polish, reminiscent of a witch’s long tendril of a finger, pressing into the lips of what could be Snow White, it’s all so fantasy-like. 
This has been saved on my computer for ages, but I could never find the right post to slot it in. A post about colour, however, now that can work. That yellow is the boldest, most cheery yellow I’ve seen in a while.
Her silky, dark hair against her milky, white skin is such a beautiful contrast.
Now excuse me while I go look up just how I can master those nails. 

ps. TGIF.

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This’ll be short and sweet collection of photos… because of the math textbook taunting me on my desk, waiting for me to study, because that is what my life consists of lately. Studying. I’d much rather be with all of you guys, but duty calls. Save me anytime!

I feel as if I could just slip into this dress and all worries would slip away with it. So pure.

I’ve actually come across this photo so many times and have always forgotten to save it. That single modern chair leaves such an impact on the whole room, but without taking away from the ruggedly romantic, even sad in a sense, atmosphere. So perfect.

And by delicacies I don’t mean a scrumptious form of exotic food, (not that I wouldn’t be down for some exotic food right about now, I am so damn bored with what I eat), but just a collection of photos that have a certain “delicate” air about them. When I was scrolling through, that one word kept popping into my mind, so I couldn’t help but pull them all together.

Happy thursday night everyone… (one sleep till Friday!)

Scandinavian Haven

I have always been drawn to the crisp whites of Scandinavian design, and so of course this home was just irresistible to me. The kitchen is just perfect. I would cook yummy pasta salads all afternoon, with the light pouring in through the generous windows, and have a friend or two playing the ukulele in the corner while we laugh over life’s frivolity. Oh hawhawhaw! Life is grand.

But honestly, this is one of my favourite examples of Scandinavian design. The cheery yellow of the desk chair, along with the abundance of animal portraits on sheets and pillows, the rustic windows, the set of retro lockers… it all conveys such a clear, easy-living lifestyle. It’s also inevitable that if the walls are painted such a white white, that the furniture and design of the home will speak for themselves. They dictate how the home will feel. Whether that is minimalist, retro, rustic, or romantic. Scandinavian design allows for you to express your individuality, but in a subtle way.


ps. Sorry I left you without some rabbit ears for the weekend. I was away at a women’s leadership conference. It was fascinating. Not to mention I met someone who is currently living my dream job – a sustainable architect, so I’m a happy camper.

Highly recommend you watch this documentary as soon as you can. It’s appalling the direction our media is taking us.

{Living Agency}

Can A Room Have Sex Appeal…

Oh, hey there, beautiful. I enjoy running with my dog in the forest, and cooking up some warm dinners afterwards for you and I to share. Leftovers for my dog, of course.

Oh, didn’t see you there! Guess I got lost dreaming about what I should make for dinner. Dessert though is covered, babe. Crème Brûlée is already in the oven just for you.

Darling, so glad you’re home. I’ve missed you. Let’s talk for a few hours in these, if I do say so myself, rather seductive leather chairs.
I’m more of the intellectual type myself. Let’s reenact a scene of Romeo & Juliet in all this space. You’ll make a beautiful, Juliet, you know.

Hi there. I was just thinking about you. I love to read up on the advancements of feminist culture over the last century, and would love to hear your thoughts over a glass of wine.
Clearly, yes.

What we have here, ladies and gentleman, is a class act example of what it means for a room to be, by definition, sexy. I’m sure I’m not the first one to realize, as you’re scrolling through some shots of a house, that the adjective “sexy” comes to my mind. Where might this come from? Well, if a room can embody the “dark, rich, and handsome” stereotype of a man, just in terms of sleek lines, dramatic lighting, and a bold sense of personality, then the room would find a way into our hearts relatively quickly, wouldn’t it? So maybe “man caves” will find a place in the home of a lady, after all, if done like one of the “studs” above.

Until next time,

ps. The Archtivist, my homepage, is where I found the majority of these good lookin’ fellows. Check him out.

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Black & White

Sometimes a little black and white is just so refreshing. 
Feathers are so serene. Everything about them, from the way they glide effortlessly through the air in that graceful sway back and forth, to the pleasing way they lie next to each other, symmetrical or not. 
Plus feathers make quite a nice appearance in your hair. So that’s always nice.
See, I used to believe that the only life an attic could have resembled something of demons mingling together, quietly chuckling with a sinister smile spread across their face, plotting their next move into owning your soul or something casual like that. But as soon as I saw a crisp white paint wash over an attic from head to toe, my socializing demons were quickly replaced by the imagined existence of a clan of boho writers, hiding away in peace as they reflect life’s meaning and beauty in this light and airy space.
My attic has yet to be painted white, however, and so I’m forced to believe there are still demons residing above me… it’s a small issue.

This must become the uniform of all the young men out there immediately. It just says “meow!” in that perfectly irresistible way.

Arist: Gottfried Henwein
This is one of those pictures I just can’t seem to look away from. It’s mesmerizing in an eery and misunderstood way. As if her innocence is being immortalized in a chalky sculpture? Can’t be sure. But it’s so intriguing. 
And bam! A glorious reminder of colour for your eyes!
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