Jumbled Up Inspiration

I am alone with the beating of my heart. Beautiful. Initially, there’s almost a taste of melancholy to it, but as I thought about it more, swimming brings a sense of peace. When you’re gliding through the water, the water rushing past your skin, entirely quiet all around you, the beating of your heart is all that is registered… that is peace, if only for a moment. 
Aga! I have an Aga oven, a creamy yellow four door model, and it’s so loved. Every morning, there’s either a progressively gangly, small blonde boy sitting on the rug in front of it (my eleven year old brother), or a sleepy chocolate lab, soaking up its warmth.
Below you can see said sleepy dog. (Cellphone quality, folks, but you get the gist.)
All white, white, white, done completely right!

In love with their somber little faces. I would like one of each, please.

I am in love with how the water stretches the scenery behind it. It looks like they’re could be an alternate, dreamy world going on in the base of the light bulb. Ooh, and not to mention the way the light would catch the water at night. It would just be too much. 

A collection of jumbled up inspirations to share! ^How cool is that, by the way. It moves with the wind of cyber space. I don’t know why, but whenever I see a photo that begins to move, when otherwise I would’ve expected for it to stay completely still, I’m too mystified.

Hope you’re all doing just dandy, I have missed you!

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Just Catching Up

More deer antlers! I know, I’m becoming a little obsessed.

The next few posts are a way for me to reveal all of these wondrous little secrets I’ve been keeping from you all… because the last couple weeks have been unbearably busy and hectic and stressful and so there was literally not a second of time I could spend on here. Never again will I keep them to myself! I’m a monster!

My mental state is deteriorating. Peace.


Well, Aren’t These Nice?

A must-have for my future summer home, tree trunks for table legs. And the whitest of the white surfaces in combination with the natural walls? Just delightful. It’s as if the nature on the outside is just gradually seeping inside.

Floral + clean bricks + sleek black = genius.

A collection of different styles here, but each just as charming as the next. Love them all.


ps. This is eerily mesmerizing.

But this isn’t eerily mesmerizing. This is just the opposite. It’s wonderfully amusing! I desperately want to join him! 
(please click him)

La Lumière!

Un. When you have ceilings that high, why not put up a giant, half of a mustard yellow vintage car?

The only conventional aspects of this kitchen are the fact that it does indeed have an oven, a fridge, and a table. Other than that, it’s a total rebel. The cherry red, retro style refrigerator and the sleek, streamlined oven, and the chairs that have been picked from completely different styles are just asking to be checked out.
Deux: Once again, some ridiculously high ceilings going on here. One day I’ll be graced with its presence, and on that day, the first thing I’ll do is hang a magnificent chandelier and place an equally impressive trampoline in the middle of the room and jump for hours. Perfect. On a side note, that reclining chair is looking just about as tempting as a tub of chocolate pudding. 
Trois: Mmm, light. How you make me swoon. Actually, in each of these rooms, there is a rich abundance of natural light. I’m also loving how the tree is framed perfectly within these windows – it makes it feel as if you can touch the tree itself and step outside (but seeing as how high the tree looks to be… maybe refrain). And then of course the sweet speakers on either side. 


{for the record & contemporist

…maison de mes rêves.

Shutter windows – check. 
Chandeliers – check.
Rustic white hues – check.
Dream home? Oh dear god, yes.
Honestly, I’ve found it! Nestled away in the countryside, I’d spend my days lounging about in any of these rooms, wandering in and out with new bunches of fresh flowers in hand, perhaps an Australian shepherd sauntering along with me… perhaps an Australian boy cooking up a scrumptious lunch in the kitchen… Yes, I’m incorporating a few other dreams into this home. 😉
Usually I don’t know how I feel about combining the bedroom and bathroom… however, I think this house has come to the perfect balance. It already seems as if the bedroom is certainly less conventional and traditional than normal. Less of a bedroom, more of a private sanctuary is what I’m feeling it’s aiming for. Hands down, however, I will never have a toilet in my bedroom. The thought is rather revolting. But how can I resist having such a beautiful bath so nearby… my sleeps would be heavenly.
ps. I should mention that this home in Melbourne used to be a mattress factory! So that’s where it has its natural ruggedness coming from. How charming! 
{gosh darn it, i can’t find the links to these lovely pictures anymore. please do let me know if you find them!! }