Spring Spring Spring!

Oh golly jee willickers, it’s SPRING! Officially. Completely. No joking around.
Mother Nature just took her sweet time to bring us even a hint of sunshine here on the west coast, though, didn’t she? But now that it’s here, I’ll be oh-so-courteous and oh-so-grateful because I was beginning to imagine my life as permanently monochromatic. 
But NO! This is what my life looks like now! 

That’s me… there in the back… oh, behind that girl… oh wait, you can’t really see me… but I swear I was with them, I swear!
Ben Gile’s work is so perfect for spring. Each piece is livened up by these electrifying colours of flowers in full bloom. 
But he also experiments with vintage photos in the most provocative ways, too.

So that I’m like, oh, this guy is a creative collage genius. 
This fella knows what he’s doing. And I am definitely going to plaster my inspiration board with these. 

Feminine Functionality

Oh, hello there chair of my dreams. Correction: entire desk of my dreams. Not too cluttered, and not too minimalist to the point where if I left an eraser at a forty-five degree angle the world would implode. 
The collection of logs adds a very “rugged but still totally feminine getaway” look. That’s a term, right?
Oh, ho, ho! Deja vu! I love seeing how a bedroom fits into the rest of its home.
Yet another fur throw! I’d get along with this girl for sure. And would ya look at that painting, it blows me away. So much warmth and emotion.
I can already envision myself groggily stumbling in, and just instantly be perked up with this amount of light. Even if it were rainy, I feel like the colour of the wall, although dark, is actually quite comforting. Kind of wraps you up in its comforting hue.
I love when a home strikes the right balance between making a statement and actual practicality, so that you can really imagine yourself living there. I know I’m not alone when I say that I can easily see myself working away at that luxuriously comfortable desk, or curled up with a fur throw in the inviting living room (because let’s be honest, fur throws are something of a staple in this house). 
Sometimes though, practicality can be interpreted as completely minimalist, when it’s just bare white walls, dramatically high ceilings, with a single navy couch in the middle of the room and a stainless steel encased fireplace, maybe a red tricycle in the corner for a statement. But, I really can’t see myself living in a place like that. Because although you could say that minimalism is the height of functionality, we’re all human, and we need comfort, too.
That said, I understand that some people would want total and complete minimalism because that is what they find comforting in itself. Just my two cents.

Jumbled Up Inspiration

I am alone with the beating of my heart. Beautiful. Initially, there’s almost a taste of melancholy to it, but as I thought about it more, swimming brings a sense of peace. When you’re gliding through the water, the water rushing past your skin, entirely quiet all around you, the beating of your heart is all that is registered… that is peace, if only for a moment. 
Aga! I have an Aga oven, a creamy yellow four door model, and it’s so loved. Every morning, there’s either a progressively gangly, small blonde boy sitting on the rug in front of it (my eleven year old brother), or a sleepy chocolate lab, soaking up its warmth.
Below you can see said sleepy dog. (Cellphone quality, folks, but you get the gist.)
All white, white, white, done completely right!

In love with their somber little faces. I would like one of each, please.

I am in love with how the water stretches the scenery behind it. It looks like they’re could be an alternate, dreamy world going on in the base of the light bulb. Ooh, and not to mention the way the light would catch the water at night. It would just be too much. 

A collection of jumbled up inspirations to share! ^How cool is that, by the way. It moves with the wind of cyber space. I don’t know why, but whenever I see a photo that begins to move, when otherwise I would’ve expected for it to stay completely still, I’m too mystified.

Hope you’re all doing just dandy, I have missed you!

{images credited by linking, there are a few I couldn’t trace back though, let me know if you know!}

Shoes Galore!

Shoes designed to increase the appearance of walking speed by up to 10 km/h. You don’t slowly saunter down a street, you strut down those streets with a blur of the high heels right behind you!  (But seriously, I am in love.)


So, keep in mind, this is all in one apartment aka one very, very lucky woman owns this many freakin’ awesome shoes. Hey now, hey now. Don’t hate. I’m allowed to say “freakin'” in very rare circumstances… and I keep it to a minimum because somehow I always end up feeling like some gangly, awkward teenager who’s getting way too excited over something but hates to swear and you know, just wants to express herself, and why doesn’t anyone understand her and why does her life just suck so much and i’msofullofangstnoonegetsmypoetry… that’s how it feels. In a nutshell. Hence the reason why I don’t use it all too much.

Back to the point.

Lately shoes are quite the regulars on the coffee tables and the couches of ladies with serious swag. No more will they hide in the closet! They want to be seen, to be embraced as all they are! And clearly it can give every room just a little extra kick and to really prove to people that this young woman is comfortable in her own shoes and that she just has every part of her life figured out from head to toe. See what I did there. Oh so sneaky…


{the coveteur again}

One Badass Hippo

First let me just say how much I love her dress. Very chic.
And now let me say (stop reading here if I’m not allowed to say it) how much I adore this apartment to bits. Usually I have a tendency to be drawn to rooms where there is less going on. Not in a minimalist sense, although that can be equally tempting if done in a certain way, but more of a “if you lived here there will be nothing that will ever go wrong again, ever” kind of way. You know, with gleaming white counter tops, dainty vases of fresh flowers, wide open shutter windows with light washing over the walls… so that imagining any stress whatsoever taking place there seems literally impossible. 
But this apartment is like a feast for the eyes in another way. Every place my eyes seemed to rest, even for a moment, there was something intriguing staring back at me. A statue of a tough, chocolate bull dog, a pop of bright pink in the form of a tree stump stool, two leather chairs that seem right out of Star Trek, a truly 80’s boombox radio, dazzling jewelry, all so meticulously organized, or a very happy collection of book ends and miniature statues adorning the book case. So just as the rooms of impossible stress tempt me in one way, this room tempts me in another. One can really imagine a life going on here. It isn’t too prim and perfect. There’s room for a little healthy chaos, and once all is well in the world, you can take a visit to your hippo friend who just so happens to be a bartender at the same time. There is so much glamour, and so much ingenuity. I can practically feel the creativity pulsing through the veins of this designer, becoming more and more exhilarated with each vintage trinket or bold piece he or she found.
And so of course it makes sense that an editor from Vogue lives here. Honestly, how am I not surprised.
ps. Can no longer find the link, however, if you are dying out of desperation to find it, I will make sure to look through each page in my history to find it. At this point though, True Blood is calling my name. Forgive me.

sanctuaries dipped in white

Always on standby to dominate in pillow fights, complete with eight pillows within an arm’s reach to overtake your opponent.

I’ve never really known if I would like to have my bedroom so easily visible from the outside, but something tells me this backyard is only acres and acres of lush, green meadows so there most likely won’t be any creepers hiding behind trees or anything like that. Or is there… (Okay, I get it. I’m way too paranoid to ever have a hope of being able to sleep soundly with only a glass wall surrounding me. At least now I know.) If this room wasn’t so unbearably chic I wouldn’t be able to make it through the night.

So NYC. This is the type of scene where Carrie from Sex and the City would emerge in her classic outfit (a t-shirt, undies, and a pair of socks) and would then look outside with a troubled expression contemplating some issue surrounding men. Gotta love SATC. 

So sick. Such a prominent modern touch with the minimalist black chairs contrasting the deep, rustic look. I would feel so absolutely safe in that little nook for a bed. Imagine if you had a single curtain that could slide shut as well, with some sort of sheer material so the light still trickled through. 
There’s something about chandeliers and luxurious bathtubs that always gets me. And shutter windows that are such a crisp shade of white. And a fireplace nook filled with a plethora of candles instead (to be subtly witty). And an antique scale which I would never use because it would most likely be hopelessly inaccurate and I’d be left feeling very upset/confused, but it makes the room in my opinion. And a perfectly simple hanging lightbulb which is just the right amount of light needed for a room like this. And of course a wooden platform next to the bathtub, making this room seem as if it is legitimately out of Atonement… well, shucks, this room will always get me.


These are a few beauties of rooms I stumbled across while tumblin‘. 
So much going on, and yet it’s all so perfectly connected. The room just above is crazy. It’s as if they just decided, “To heck with traditional dining rooms! Let’s just throw everything we like in one room!” And bam, what do you get? A room with clear practicality, but also a sense of style so unique there’s no way you’ll see a replica of it anywhere. Note the teal tiles between the arches framing the artwork and mirrors.    

A hint of brick or an entire wall of it, either way it is simply a necessity in my future home. There’s no way I can go without it. Whenever I see those delicious mixtures of deep burgundy in a room, it’s that rugged touch that draws me in. The sense of masculinity against a feminine palette, or that character that makes the room seem so much more lived in and has so much more story behind it.


{images credited by clicking, other than the ones I can’t find, but I do not own any of these pretty shots}

The Faces Behind the Rooms We Scroll Through

Just got lost on An Afternoon With… for a good hour or so. I am totally enthralled and just straight up mesmerized by how each space is so made so personal with the owner’s personality. It really is a home that we have made our own, in that we add unique little touches that to some may appear insignificant but to you could have a truly profound meaning. Or perhaps you want to convey a message about yourself to those who walk through. Or maybe you simply want it to be a retreat where you can unwind, worry free, for those few precious hours at night. A home is what you want it to be and this project explores that idea. 
It also got me thinking about each and every room I scroll right past, or pause on for a moment, or just stare at and feel the inspiration bubbling inside of me… each of those rooms has an entirely unique face behind it, each with their own equally intricate and lovely life.