Channel Our Inner Brigitte Bardot

And that’s all there is to it! 
No, that would be cruel. This was just a quick little excerpt from the oh-so-talented Decade Diarywhere she gives us a really aesthetically pleasing explanation on how to tackle the effortlessly charming look Brigitte Bardot has above. But let’s be real here. When do we not see Brigitte Bardot as effortlessly charming? 

Seriously though. Visual explanations are far superior in all areas. When I first saw a visual recipe, as in instead of just saying “place four tomatoes in the pan until cooked” they would actually show four tomatoes jumping gleefully into a pan one after the other. So much better!
And for you in a few hours, as you leave your house with a casually seductive Brigitte Bardot hairdo, some photos of Miss Brigitte for inspiration.

And now, I’m off to settle into a life exactly the opposite of our Brigitte Bardot muse: studying a textbook of chemistry. I’d much rather be nonchalantly lounging on top of a red sports car, thank you very much.
{Majority of the Brigitte photos found through tumblr, however, it will take me years upon years to find all of them. If you stumble across its original poster, please let me know!}

An Injection of Subtle Luxury

Fur and chandeliers. That is the instant remedy for an injection of some much needed luxury, if you ever find yourself in that position. Evidence? Well. The room itself, empty, is completely and totally rustic, almost to the point of appearing incomplete with the bare and minimalist cement flooring.
The room would be expecting to be filled with a chipped white table or two, a faded floral chair here, some dainty flowers hanging over there…


Add a dangerously soft looking fur throw over top of the bed and suddenly this room no longer appears minimalist but royally rustic. Such a delicate balance between two contrasting looks, but it is, if I do say so myself, perfection.

And of course, wear your poppy with pride today, folks. Lest we forget.


{greige designhomiemiss design}

Fairy Queen Attire

If I were a fairy queen, this is what I would wear on a daily basis…

…this would be my wedding ring…

…and this would be my bathroom. 
Just settle your imagination into that bath for a moment. Banish the idea of one, squeaky shower curtain from your mind. Instead, replace it with four full curtains, framing each side, letting natural light seep through into the water. Let your mind drift away for a much needed treat of relaxation. And then, look up. You see the cheerful and fluffy clouds gently rolling through the sky, and maybe a few birds singing a delightful tune as they pass by. Life is grand.
Alright, reality, simmer down. I’m back.

Supersize Me

If you want to make a statement, here’s the formula: take an already bare wall, supersize a portrait of the wealthy from way way way back when, and plaster it on as if it were wallpaper, and voila! Your room is sure to be quite the conversation starter. And I love how perfectly nonchalant these fellas are, as if they just casually sauntered in, and oh! Why, you just caught me writing a letter! I didn’t see you there! Or, oh! I just happened to walk through the door covered in multiple capes of fur (he’s a boss) and there you are painting me. 
In all honesty though, these rooms are probably the most dramatic I’ve seen and certainly the most unique. I was wowed.

Refined Glamour

Just let me be for two or three hours while I reside in this tub of bubbly goodness. Maybe some lavender sprinkled about for some aromatherapy, a Jane Austen classic waiting on the side, and the pristine silence  of total relaxation surrounding me. Nice. I really hope this will be my life as a retiree. Much preferred.