The Purpose of Long Weekends

“Dear sleep, I know we had problems when I was younger. But now I love you.”
This utopic scene may have made an appearance way back in the day but it’s just so soothing. Couldn’t resist. It’s flirting with my desire to leave all the work I’ve conveniently left until today to get through and instead to slip away for a few hours in its endless amounts of pillows and sheets.

Treehouse swag, yo. Straight up. Looks like a clan of gypsies would live here, and I’m assuming they’d get along with me so I could live here too.

The darkness is hugging you in this room. Book lovers must be crying tears of joy right about now. 
Anyways, Happy Easter everyone! 
Short and sweet. Now get back to hunting for those eggs the bunny left behind.
But first, I must show you my foodgawker worthy yogurt parfait.

Nummy in my tummy.

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Fairy Swag

Necessary repost. It’s gorgeous.
Got a little carried away looking up fairy-esque things. But what can I say, the fairies got some serious swag! Always pulling off that bohemian look, able to twist their hair into the most beautiful braids that it could be considered art, and, obviously, the winning factor, them bitchez can fly. 
Oh! And! Stumbled across some illustrations from my very favourite children’s book from when I was a wee little thing. No wonder I love fairies, they were everywhere when I was growing up. (Fairly sure my mum thought she had four fairies for kids and not humans anyway. It would explain a lot.)
Here’s the tidbits from Fairy Wings.
All about a little fairy born without wings…

GAH! Too beautiful. 

Pretty sure this is exactly what she would look like if she were to grow up to be a human.

GOTCHA with that one, didn’t I? Yeah, always had a thing for this guy. Even with sarcasm I can’t bring myself to fully say that. Holy shiza, he’s gross. 

I Was Once A Bohemian Lover

After watching that beautifully serene romance, I just want to snuggle up in bed and have sweet, sweet dreams of my past life where I frolicked on far off beaches with some hippy dippy lover of mine, where we sang melodies and laughed and lay in the sun like a couple of lethargic, plump seals. I really butchered that image with the seal reference, didn’t I. Seals just know how life works though! When it’s a sunny day, they get out there and soak up every last drop of sunlight and bask for hours on end without a care in the world. That’s just sheer intelligence.
Found via the queens of bohemian chic, Oracle Fox.

Little Drops of Beauty

For the brave souls out there, who find height nothing more than another source of intoxicating ecstasy, then look no more. I bring you… hanging tents! Or as I like to call them, little drops of (terrifying) beauty. Don’t they resemble drops of water in some way? The tents all alit against the sunrise reminded me of the dreamy, alternate world I was picturing in this post (where I went off track and started talking about an alternate reality because of some flowers in a light bulb because, you know, I’m just really deep and philosophical like that), almost like the planet in Avatar actually. Would not be surprised if the shadowy figures turned out to be a bright cyan blue with a tail wrapped around their little lanterns. Anyway, these are actually tents meant for rock climbers who stop mid-way on their venture to the top, and sleep in one of these anchored tents. I’ll put it out there now, I wouldn’t say I’m ever down to spend the night in one, but for a few hours with a friend and some tasty treats? Always down, always down.



The Cabin Life

I enjoy the distressed wood that has been left exposed by the rods in between. It gives the whole room an even more airy feel to it than solid wood boards. Not to mention the curtains that are as light as feathers. Notes: teapot on the tip of the bed luring you into its coziness and the basket dedicated to pastel cashmere blankets. I should have a basket dedicated to such things. Gotta get with it.
Trend I’m seeing: deliciously tempting treats in rooms. So just in case we don’t like the room, there’s an excellent chance we’d like the food, and therefore we would like the room. (That’s my theory, but it’s not the case with this room. It’s wonderful.)

The designers of this cabin tapped into my deepest subconscious desires. Wow.

Deer heads above matching single beds. Too adorable! Now we just need a pair of twins playing the flute in matching dresses the hue of Tiffany & Co. boxes. 

Rustic Fortresses

Doesn’t this look like it was just discovered in the middle of a far off, tropical jungle? Home to a very chic Tarzan and Jane, that is.

The hammock of my dreams. The color palette is so soothing, I feel relaxed already. Not to mention the delicate scattering of lanterns, all painted a crisp white, and the books and snacks in arm’s reach… IT’S JUST TOO MUCH.

My newest addition to the growing list of beautiful forts. Could be my favourite. Just look at all the room you’d have under this! You can stand up! Revolutionary! 

Well, isn’t this charming. I spy with my little eye a tambourine! You don’t see those too often. A tambourine with a pair of drums, perfect. I love the idea of sitting on such wonderfully embroidered pillows too, especially if it’s sand that will touch my toes anyways.

Fort of My Dreams

So it is now decided that next weekend I will dedicate my time to build a fort just as beautiful as this one. Unfortunately I won’t be in the middle of the forest for, you know, convenience and such. Once built, I will proceed to let the time whistle past the fairy like sheets with a book in tow and the candles alit. 
By the way, click on the first beauty of a fort for instructions on how to make it.