You’re Cordially Invited to Dream Prom

Aren’t you excited? Only to be invited to the most talked about event of the year? 

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t the most exclusive event, but I really do extend my gracious hand to you, my dear. I am hosting a prom for all the ladies and gentlemen out there who may share the same sentiments as I do when looking back at a prom that wasn’t as dream like as expected. Now, don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed myself at the gathering of friends and family to all celebrate in apple juice induced cheer over the milestone of our high school graduation. But lately, I don’t know what it is, I have been stumbling upon the best damn prom dresses a girl could’ve dreamed of. 
So here is a prom that is to be held tonight in dreamland, where I hope to see you all there. Unfortunately, you may or may not remember your attendance because most dreams have the tendency of slipping out of your consciousness under ten seconds of waking up, but hey, I’m certain we’ll have a swell time.
I will be wearing one or all of these dresses at different points in time during the evening. We can trade too, if you like.
oops! unknown:
This dress is weaved from the dark dreams that center around rebellious heels, unnecessary fishnet tights, and lips so red they could be mistaken as Snow White’s. A dipping back, a ribbon to wrap around the (itty bitty barbie proportion) waist, and draped with a luxuriously vintage looking fabric, with petal like details scattered over top. Please let me know if you know who made this dress, as I think I will start saving for my wedding dress from them.

On a more polished note, these dresses remind me of cotton candy slipped into a crystal flask. And just as these dresses adopt the classic qualities every girl wants in a dress – a blushing pink, flattering accentuations to the waist – they add a secret spice to the mix with assymetrical sleeves, delicate beading dripping down the arms, and ruffles meant for a true lady (not Honey Boo-Boo, the pageant goer, as charming as she is). 

Alright, if I really wanted to channel my inner member of the royal family, I’d wear one of these numbers. These dresses are quite honestly the most exquisite creations I’ve ever seen. Each dress tells a story of raging passion, a rush of ecstasy in the face of adventure, leaving no path unventured, of romance, of lust, of irrepressible desire. The skirt gracing the floor as if it has no qualms in leaving a mark, an impression on those behind, each cinched into a waist that brings back structure to savour elegance… Alexander McQueen envisions the contemporary royalty and modern luxury, without sacrificing the influence of our ancestors beforehand who had spun the magic of royalty from the beginning.

 Just for shits and kicks.
It is deceptively alluring though. Something tells me I’d feel very cheerful in this dress. Maybe because I’d be covered in pastel flowers and would appear to be a walking children’s book. 
In all honesty though, the radically magical femininity to it really calls my name.
Alright, folks, I’ll see you at some point tonight! Don’t forget to bring a date. Remember, in your dreams you can have any date you please. 😉

Tumblr Tabs

At first glance, it looks like they’re falling from far away and it’s actually a little exhilarating and scary at the same time. They look so animalistic, as if they’re really curious to see the photographer in their domain.

Boyish charm, boyish bruises.

I’ve always loved bumble bees.

Girlish whim, girlish bubblegum 

Adventures in the eyes of children are always so much more theatrical.

Kitty, kitty, whatchu lookin’ at?

The black lines make this dress – I think they add a much needed sense of structure and elegance.

{All from my tumblr, don’t own any of these photos!}

A Small Quest

As I embark on the perilous journey to the land of, as they call it, university, it has come to my attention by the wiser elders of my community that certain items are needed to fight against the elements. Most importantly, a backpack to fill with treasures and tokens of value.
Or textbooks and laptops and notebooks and other not quite so mystical things.
I need a backpack like asap, my friends, otherwise I will be toting around my backpack that I have had for two years and is slowly, slowly dying. I can envision myself now. Running to class on a mission to avoid the always much louder than you intended, “OH HEY, SORRY I’M LATE!” and my laptop breaking through the last thread of my backpack. So then I can add even more embarrassment to this hypothetical experience.
Here are a few I have found through a website where there are well-made things.
From Madewell. Heehee. Found via MissMoss, my fave.

I choose any one of you, please. They’re all so pleasantly retro feeling.
In other news, mon petit enfant, otherwise known as my new DSLR camera, has finally been exposed to the great, big world. And I’ve been snappin’ pics left and right.
I wish this could be blown up bigger, but then it looks all messy, bursting from the seams of my entry. If you click on them all, you can see them to a more accurate point of detail. 

Woah, it’s me! I realize now that none of you know what I look like. So I chopped off my head for mystery.

A single hair was being blown about, trapped in my fan, and for some reason with my camera I was absolutely mesmerized. Every time my camera blinked its eyes, I’d see it in still form, dancing for us, a blur of motion as its shadow.
Trace of light.

One of the 1,266,342 photos I’ve taken of my brother.
Me! Here’s my face chilling in the park. Oh, and some other various limbs are there too. It was a fun time.


The little things in life really do get to me most sometimes.
And maybe it’s because the littlest of matters can slip into the more untraceable areas of your mind, the sneakiest of hiding spots, and so once you notice it, like in hide and seek, when the tips of your little brother’s striped socks are peeking out from underneath the curtains, there’s that same rush of insatiable discovery when you find something you hadn’t noticed before. I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the tiny details surrounding me, like a desire to magnify everything around me as much as possible, from the laced pattern on my shorts to the rusted chain on my bike. Everything up close is so beautiful, so endlessly intriguing, so human. 

This is why I so desperately want a camera; to document what I’m falling in love with so rapidly.

Such human eyes.


Life Updates & Inspiration Clusters of Goodness

A few mornings ago, I opened my eyes to a mischievous, dancing trickle of light on the arm chair next to my bed. Initially, gotta say, I was like, “Yes, proof of fairies,” but then I emerged out of my dreams and propped myself up to pull up the blinds and HALLELUJAH IT’S THE SUN! THE SUN HAS COME FOR ALL TO SEE! Wait no, THE SUN HAS COME BECAUSE I’M HEALTHY AGAIN! MOTHA NATURE, I LOVE YOU, BABY GIRL!

Because that’s obviously how I sound when I’m excited.

Here are some bohemian ladiez who I’d kind of like to join in the sun.

Wizard sleeves are always a do, especially in a forest, because then you legitimately feel like a wizard gone off to concoct potions and ride deer or unicorn.

This splash would be beyond epic. Colours soaring gleefully through the air, or a hypnotic ripple of a rainbow pulsing away from you.

JESUS HORSE! He’s going to greet the wizard in the forest.

Anyways, everyone had been waiting for the return of our glorious sun for, well, summer time obviously, and so right when I was feeling healthy again, I open my blinds and you can see why I would think it was a present directly from Mother Nature to me. 

I’ve just been knocked out for about a week, literally isolated into the depths of my groggy, most likely hazey bedroom with strep throat. My brother said he thought I was just out for two days with friends because he hadn’t seen me. Nope! Just having some one-on-one time with me and my disgustingly sick self. She’s not a fun time. Don’t let her fool you. I will not be seeing her again for as long as I can. 

Now, aside from my ramblings and updates, here is the…

Inspiration Cluster of Goodness!

She is exactly how I would like to imagine myself looking with a pixie, but somehow I don’t think it’d look as adorably impish on me. 

I would never remove myself from this impossibly soft sweater, I know it.

What I’m listening to right now, by the way.
Just some models lost in the city of love. Really digging the denim jacket on mint. And the red lip, of course, always fitting with the cherry moped in the back.
But coral is my true love. Did you ever get underwear sets when you were a little girl, one for every day of the week? I was religiously dedicated to wearing the right pair on the right day, otherwise I’d feel like I was painted neon with flashing lights screaming, “WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.” Perhaps that’s an OCD tendency. Anyways, I can see the letters sewn into the back of this dress, “Sunday”, most likely in a dainty cursive font, and I’d stroll down the sun kissed streets every Sunday with a little birdie on my shoulder to fetch croissants. Weo!

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ps. a wonderful cluster of these pictures were found from Bohemian Daydream, a new favourite of mine!

Always Anthropologie

Right now I’m looking outside into the thick wall of grey clouds barricading my home, the rain stubbornly falling for literally the tenth hour straight, so it hardly feels like summer. Actually, you know what, it isn’t summer. I pronounce that summer is officially on pause because summer just doesn’t coexist with this weather. Defies the laws of the universe. Simple as that. 

Just a few places I’d rather be.
Chillin’ with some Aussies during a casual sunset dip in the ocean…
Doodling away in a kitchen drenched in sunlight, some creamy earl grey tea and biscuits waiting to be devoured…
Nestled away in 505 Somewhere Lane, awaiting my caramel macchiato, probably a beret artistically balanced on top of my head…
Or as this kitten. Who looks like the comfiest creature known to mankind. 
Anyways. Today I happened to be in Anthropologie (for an interview actually), and whilst I was waiting ever so patiently for our group to gather, I was just gaping at the dresses draped over the mannequins. Honestly, if somehow capitalism was destroyed and everything was free (go communism go! i kid.) then I would have scooped up about twenty dresses under my arms and pranced down the street, flinging them into the hands of women wearing yoga pants who needed them most everywhere I went. They would call me: Anthro Woman. (If I were a man, it would have a better ring to it, wouldn’t it: Anthroman!)
How do you do? I’m just on my way back to my summer abode in the countryside of France if you care to join me. There will be an abundance of cute French boys swimming in nautical stripes and wine.
Oh hello there! You just caught me leaving my favourite exhibition of Monet at the art gallery. It’s a pity you missed it. I can tell you all about it over a cup of coffee if you like, where I will also lend you pearl necklaces and we can rave about my view of the Empire State Building.

Oh hi, I’m actually a sunset in the form of a dress, so of course you’ll want to befriend me 😉 I’m gorgeous to look at too, which is a bonus, because of my irresistible blend of pinks and oranges and reds, but with a flirty twist too… most couples seem to choose to stare at me when they’re feeling all lovey dovey. I’m just too tempting!

How do you do? I’m going to let you in on a little secret, if you haven’t taken the cue from my adorably bold hair, I’m from the future. 2092, to be exact. This is how we look at paintings here in the future! The streets of Vancouver have never been more aesthetically pleasing to walk down, and women everywhere just flock to one another over the latest paintings draped over their bodies. 
Meow! Meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow, meow, meow? Oh, sorry, I was just talking to my cats. There’s only seventeen, don’t give me that weird look! If I was a crazy cat lady, well then I bet I’m the chicest crazy cat lady you’ve ever come across. Oh jeez, there’s a dog. Rollin’ out. 

I’m too seductive to show you my face. You can continue admiring me as I saunter away to the patio, though.
Stay tuned. Anthro Woman is coming to a town near you… with heaps of dresses to fling joyously into the sky! It’s raining dresses, everybody! PRAISE THE LORD!
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Soothing to the Eyes & Ears

Landslide (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) – Fleetwood Mac

Myth – Beach House
Summer – Mmoths
For What It’s Worth (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) – Buffalo Springfield
p.s. If you’re curious about the music, it’s all from the album, Feel It All Around, which can be downloaded for sampling purposes. 😉 Click me.
p.s.s. My foot has gone completely numb in its slumber while making this post. Can’t walk on it for the life of me. The things I do for you lovely people.
{1. coastal theory 2. c.t. 3. pursuit aesthetic 4. random 5. c.t. 6. lyla and blu 7. voix deuce 8. observando 9. c.t. 10. my tumblr 11. solid frog 12. random 13. apricot tea and honey 14. lyla and blu 15. apricot 16. apricot

The Antlers and Some Goodies

Listen to the lyrics.

A few nights ago I was up late chatting with a friend, and the topic of music came up.
Always a casual subject, I was expecting an exchange of songs, and that would be it. 
I was saying how if you listen to Bon Iver’s Blood Bank at the same time as Rainy Mood, it can lull you to sleep within minutes. He agreed. “But nothing will ever come close to The Antlers.”

Here are the lyrics.

…and he was right. I have been completely wooed.
It isn’t often that music can actually hypnotize me enough so that if I lay down and listen to it, I can just let their lyrics breathe through me, the delicate notes of piano acting as a heartbeat to their message. Their music is beautiful.

Please listen to these songs! I hope it shall resonate with you as deeply as it has with me. *read in an elderly English accent for most impact*

Anyways, it’s good to be home. I’ve spent the last week reading To the Lighthouse, sipping variations of David’s Tea (can’t get any better than this), watching Pride & Prejudice over and over (don’t ask why, not sure myself, I was just obsessed) and playing Kettering on the piano, but the internet connection has been a sketchy, disappointing situation so I couldn’t post anythang.

But YO! Because I have abandoned you unexpectedly for a week, I fully intend to make up for that by making this post full of equally unexpected goodies

Ilana Kohn, Spring ’12
Ilana Kohn, you too have wooed me with your breezy tops and sundresses. Something about watching Keira Knightley wander through the knolls of the English countryside in those simple, high waisted dresses make me want to throw away my entire wardrobe and replace them with summer dresses fit for six glorious weeks of July spent in a French chateau. Really not too much to ask.
Bzrbzr Ombre Tights
Ombre tights are easily my newest obsession. Scrolling down past each photo was like watching a flower bloom in slow motion, a little in awe… at tights. Aka Tiffany Ju has made tights into something of an art and that is no small feat, I’m sure.
Slash this song came on and I found it quite suitable. Refer to the line: “…and you can walk your long legs, baby, right out of my life.”
Scout & Catalogue, Spring ’12
If I could look anywhere near as effortlessly cool as this girl, then I’m sold. This photo shoot was apparently shot entirely in the dead of winter, but they’ve achieved such a dainty, spring-like vibe to it all with her distressed blonde hair, the pastel palette, and the happy splash of vibrant ocean colours.
Okay, who doesn’t want a wolf eating their finger as a ring. That isn’t a question on purpose. I already know the answer. And note the battle wounds on the ears of the rabbit, what a unique touch to an already whimsical piece itself. 
Erin Wasson for Zadig & Voltaire
Here are a few goodies hand picked from her shots for Zadig & Voltaire, Summer ’12 collection. What did I take from these photos? 
a. I want her hair (…slash her face in general, and her ability to look so absolutely laid back while maintaining that rocker, bad-ass look).
b. This will be my French vacation home I was mentioning earlier. Oh golly jee willickers, guys, just bought it, so excited!
and c. Above all, I need Zadig & Voltaire in my summer wardrobe, stat. 
This has to be the most ornate, stunning, intricate fireplace I have ever seen. Talk about paying attention to details. It’s honestly a form of art in this room, I can’t take my eyes off it. 
Mmm, greenery. Come to mama! I would be so at peace working here. Kudos to the architect who intentionally forgot a wall, pretty brilliant.
D’aaaw. I can already a picture an entire wall dedicated to these enchanting shadow boxes, in an otherwise totally minimalist room. Very scandinavian, eh? 
Oh, and ps, be prepared to be washed over with envy. The creator of these gems lives on a small cycladic sland, Antiparos, with the Aegean sea stretching beyond her view for miles upon miles, acting as her inspiration and source of calm. Wow. 
Until next time, I bid you adieu.
That was my cat alter ego speaking.



This’ll be short and sweet collection of photos… because of the math textbook taunting me on my desk, waiting for me to study, because that is what my life consists of lately. Studying. I’d much rather be with all of you guys, but duty calls. Save me anytime!

I feel as if I could just slip into this dress and all worries would slip away with it. So pure.

I’ve actually come across this photo so many times and have always forgotten to save it. That single modern chair leaves such an impact on the whole room, but without taking away from the ruggedly romantic, even sad in a sense, atmosphere. So perfect.

And by delicacies I don’t mean a scrumptious form of exotic food, (not that I wouldn’t be down for some exotic food right about now, I am so damn bored with what I eat), but just a collection of photos that have a certain “delicate” air about them. When I was scrolling through, that one word kept popping into my mind, so I couldn’t help but pull them all together.

Happy thursday night everyone… (one sleep till Friday!)

Channel Our Inner Brigitte Bardot

And that’s all there is to it! 
No, that would be cruel. This was just a quick little excerpt from the oh-so-talented Decade Diarywhere she gives us a really aesthetically pleasing explanation on how to tackle the effortlessly charming look Brigitte Bardot has above. But let’s be real here. When do we not see Brigitte Bardot as effortlessly charming? 

Seriously though. Visual explanations are far superior in all areas. When I first saw a visual recipe, as in instead of just saying “place four tomatoes in the pan until cooked” they would actually show four tomatoes jumping gleefully into a pan one after the other. So much better!
And for you in a few hours, as you leave your house with a casually seductive Brigitte Bardot hairdo, some photos of Miss Brigitte for inspiration.

And now, I’m off to settle into a life exactly the opposite of our Brigitte Bardot muse: studying a textbook of chemistry. I’d much rather be nonchalantly lounging on top of a red sports car, thank you very much.
{Majority of the Brigitte photos found through tumblr, however, it will take me years upon years to find all of them. If you stumble across its original poster, please let me know!}