Where I Would Like to be Studying Right Now

Exams are burying young men and women around the world. Frantic, dazed, sleepless youth are wandering in and out of libraries, coffee shops, basements of their dorms.
I am one of them.
*insert dramatic music*
And now, on my study breaks, my eyes have become trained to focus in on books or computers or desks or anything else in resemblance of my setting of the last few days. Some of my favourites.
(This is really all just an excuse to show books in rooms looking adorable.)
For some reason, I always associate a fashion editor or photographer dwelling in this room. Most likely in some dramatically upscale outfit in bursts of colour, casually flipping through a magazine, or running her fingers down the spines of the impressively monochromatic book collection.
Ah, it’s a dangerous ting indeed to have two vintage suitcases right in view whilst studying.
1. I would muse about couples eloping in the fifties, rebelling against society with the thrill of adventure fuelling their journey.
2. I would dream about flying home in a creamy trenchcoat and robin’s egg blue oxford shoes to match my trunk.
3. Well, I would literally leave.
(Blood and Champagne, aka the sweetest site I have found in a very long time)
Scrolling down past this image made my eyes widen like I just saw Santa Claus. That wood, is gorgeous. It reminds me of caramel macchiatos and Christmas fireplaces. And at the same time, I love how mysterious I would appear to any guests if they asked what I kept in there and I would simply reply, “I can’t go into that right now.” 
I like to think of myself as quite the enigma, as you can see (this may or may not be true, most likely not).

The good ol’ days. It’s weird to me that I can actually say that without it being laughably near to my age now. Reminds me of when I was nine or so and said, “Well I remember when I was young…” and the small party of adults near me roared with laughter to my sincere confusion.

DAMN STRAIGHT, do I enjoy this office or what. If I walked into this office, I would immediately expect to be meeting with someone with a hell of a lotta swag and I may not want to leave their presence in the hopes of sneaking some. Or at the very least attempt to steal one of those sweet ceramic white legs to place, very randomly, into my dorm. 


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