Serious Drawings for a Serious Life

Because no one is fine and dandy all the time. Take a break with some serious humour.

This humour is so dry, my lips are chapping. Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk. I always wonder how some people form their styles, too. Like how did Marc come up with these faces that fit the message he’s trying to convey so perfectly? The spread out eyes, minimal detail, those somber, unamused expressions… was this the result of a doodling day gone awesome? As if he was just chilling on the bus, or vaguely staring at his paper in front of him in class and suddenly these faces appeared before him? Either way, I am a fan.

Whimsically dry.
Those are two words that aren’t next to each other nearly enough.

Marc Johns, everybody! Give him the slow clap. A serious, slow clap.

Posted in art

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