Mind = Blown

Every now and then I’m really glad I have a book of faces (facebook) because you can come across some damn nifty things. Of course, it’s relatively akin to shopping at a dingy thrift store. Most of the articles you see, you may question humanity as to why they were ever even created in the first place, like a turtle neck with a bunny silhouette cut out to show bare skin on the neck (or in terms of dear facebook, cue dramatically passive agressive statuses about a boy, potentially in poetry, or perhaps a mobile upload with the caption, “Hard day,” and a girl with immaculately straightened hair in front of a mirror putting on a sad face). Then, out of nowhere, comes a reason as to why you went there in the first place. An absolute treasure has been revealed.

Now I’ve always been fascinated by how our mind can play tricks on us with music and headphones in. As in when a cello is playing on what seems like one side of your brain, and then Adele is belting it out on the other. I can vividly see some casual cellist sitting on a miniature chair atop my gross looking brain, knowingly smiling at Adele.

So, enough of my rambling and to the point, do you fancy a virtual haircut? Have you been looking in the mirror and thinking, “What happened, when did I become Hagrid?” This is for you. And even if you’ve looked in the mirror and thought, “Holy crap, gotta take this sexuality down a notch,” still listen because, shhh, you don’t actually get a hair cut.

With a cherry on top.

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