Edible Selby Looks Really Sweet

So Todd Selby, the mystical photographer (no unicorn blood, I just use the word mystical for all things that are even greater than ridiculously and stupidly awesome), is out with another book but this time he’s taken my two favourite things of life and put them in one: beautiful design and food
Ranging from Tokyo to SanFran to to Me-hee-ko, he’s let us into a rather intimate side to some of the most creative culinary minds at work today. The photos are, well, obviously, of stellar quality. And if you’re still not sold, the whole book is resplendent with whimsical water colour illustrations and cute little questionnaires. Oh, and free fridge magnets. (Got ya with that one, eh?)
And seeing as how I’m on my own now, all grown up and mature and halfway to wisdom in my glamorous dorm room, I figure I need some stellar coffee table books. Small dilemma – my room’s too small for a coffee table! But I do have a sweet ass desk! I told you, it’s very glamorous. But Edible Selby, you’re going to be living in my room as soon as I express order you from my mother’s possession, because you look pretty sweet
See what I did there? 😉 
That’s one dreamy chef for the cover. Clever move, Selby, clever move.

His table of contents is in the language of water colour illustrations. My god, I need this.

Whenever a barista makes a little heart in my foam, I quite honestly feel like I was given a gold star in kindergarten. Just pleased as punch that they so clearly like me more than everyone else (I try to ignore the other girls walking away contentedly with hearts traced in their foam too). Inevitably, this is my favourite photo in the sneak peek version.

Peace and love,

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