The Flower Girl’s Turn

The flower girls arguably receive the second most attention from the bride. Perhaps the ring bearer boy ranks up there too. Something about little girls and boys dressed all dapper in “grown up clothes” makes everyone equally giddy. It’s like drinking out of miniature teacups or finding a miniature, vintage spoon. Cue the squeal, “Oh, look it’s mini!”
As I was perusing through my favourite charming blog, Miss Moss, Kelsey Ganna’s collection drifted on by. Clicking through to her blog entitle the Flower Bride, I found it so pleasantly fitting that her wedding dresses were as whimsical as the name. As if the flower girl had grown up to be a charming young lady, ready to hand her duties on to her youngest female family member, and to take her place at center stage, in one of these resplendent dresses.
And before you see these damn beautiful creations, you should know that this is Kelsey Ganna’s debut campaign. Watch out for Kelsey Ganna, folks. She’s already on fire.
Flowercup Gown. 

Begiona I Gown

Spring Bouquet Gown

Gardenia Gown

Garden Gown.

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