You’re Cordially Invited to Dream Prom

Aren’t you excited? Only to be invited to the most talked about event of the year? 

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t the most exclusive event, but I really do extend my gracious hand to you, my dear. I am hosting a prom for all the ladies and gentlemen out there who may share the same sentiments as I do when looking back at a prom that wasn’t as dream like as expected. Now, don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed myself at the gathering of friends and family to all celebrate in apple juice induced cheer over the milestone of our high school graduation. But lately, I don’t know what it is, I have been stumbling upon the best damn prom dresses a girl could’ve dreamed of. 
So here is a prom that is to be held tonight in dreamland, where I hope to see you all there. Unfortunately, you may or may not remember your attendance because most dreams have the tendency of slipping out of your consciousness under ten seconds of waking up, but hey, I’m certain we’ll have a swell time.
I will be wearing one or all of these dresses at different points in time during the evening. We can trade too, if you like.
oops! unknown:
This dress is weaved from the dark dreams that center around rebellious heels, unnecessary fishnet tights, and lips so red they could be mistaken as Snow White’s. A dipping back, a ribbon to wrap around the (itty bitty barbie proportion) waist, and draped with a luxuriously vintage looking fabric, with petal like details scattered over top. Please let me know if you know who made this dress, as I think I will start saving for my wedding dress from them.

On a more polished note, these dresses remind me of cotton candy slipped into a crystal flask. And just as these dresses adopt the classic qualities every girl wants in a dress – a blushing pink, flattering accentuations to the waist – they add a secret spice to the mix with assymetrical sleeves, delicate beading dripping down the arms, and ruffles meant for a true lady (not Honey Boo-Boo, the pageant goer, as charming as she is). 

Alright, if I really wanted to channel my inner member of the royal family, I’d wear one of these numbers. These dresses are quite honestly the most exquisite creations I’ve ever seen. Each dress tells a story of raging passion, a rush of ecstasy in the face of adventure, leaving no path unventured, of romance, of lust, of irrepressible desire. The skirt gracing the floor as if it has no qualms in leaving a mark, an impression on those behind, each cinched into a waist that brings back structure to savour elegance… Alexander McQueen envisions the contemporary royalty and modern luxury, without sacrificing the influence of our ancestors beforehand who had spun the magic of royalty from the beginning.

 Just for shits and kicks.
It is deceptively alluring though. Something tells me I’d feel very cheerful in this dress. Maybe because I’d be covered in pastel flowers and would appear to be a walking children’s book. 
In all honesty though, the radically magical femininity to it really calls my name.
Alright, folks, I’ll see you at some point tonight! Don’t forget to bring a date. Remember, in your dreams you can have any date you please. 😉

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