Dormspiration: Come One, Come All!

Seeing as how my ever so humble abode is now going to be a room the size of a bathroom as I’m off to good ol’ university (I say that like I’ve been there before), every detail is crucial. Listen, I’m very affected by my surroundings. When a tornado has passed through my room, it’s very inconvenient. (That disaster of clothes on the floor is my fault? No, no, silly. Just another tornado sweeping past.) I will actively avoid my room all day and pretty much get to the point where I forget it exists, other than when I stumble in to sleep in this foreign, unmade bed. Or I’ll just consume myself in its messiness and become one sticky, conglomerated ball of laziness and spend hours underneath my sheets, wishing it all to disappear, but at the same time kind of relishing in my own sloth-like form.

^me. (But not actually. Just my sloth twin.)
So I do vow to at least try and keep my dorm clean, otherwise I’ll sleep on benches in the library and look like one of those severely sleep deprived keeners who refuse to leave before their finals (although this young man deserves some appreciation). 
And now, some dormspiration
A map of Europe only, please, to somewhat satisfy my incurable travel bug.

Imagine how efficient it would be to write all my papers on a typewriter? No mistakes for me.

Mosquito nets have always had an air of luxury to me. Delicately draped over your bed, a princess slumber is awaiting. Oh and then when morning comes, and the light’s pouring through your window, it’s like you open your eyes to a sleepy, magical haze all around you. 

I’ve posted this once before, but I am seriously considering a shelf so close to my bed fit for a laptop. Better yet, maybe I should invest in a king size bed and have it cover my entire floor. So tempting.

I love this. Everyone needs some floral love in their abode, especially when it looks as if peonies were simply sprinkled over your curtains.

Unfortunately most dorms don’t come with spiral, wooden staircases. This shall have to change.

For my graduation present, I was lucky enough to be able to order a DSLR camera with our air miles (what a wonderful creation). After tracking its delivery for over a week, anticipating its arrival to the second, and just generally being a giddy twelve year old, it has arrived in glorious form on my front door steps… only to be taken captive by my mother and banished into the depths of her secret hiding spots of presents. At risk of sounding like a spoiled Dudley Dursely, it’s mine, mine, mine! Give it back, mumma! 

^me again. But the steam decided to come out of my eyes instead of my ears, minor inconvenience. 
But anyways. 
Random, lovely items I wish to have in my dorm.
1. String of lights
2. Dainty teacups
3. Miniature animals
4. Coffee table books for somewhat productive procrastination
5. Wired grid for nostalgic photos
6. Vintage mirror
7. Paper peonies for my curtains
8. Mosquito net
9. Map of Europe
10. A kitten if possible


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