Always Anthropologie

Right now I’m looking outside into the thick wall of grey clouds barricading my home, the rain stubbornly falling for literally the tenth hour straight, so it hardly feels like summer. Actually, you know what, it isn’t summer. I pronounce that summer is officially on pause because summer just doesn’t coexist with this weather. Defies the laws of the universe. Simple as that. 

Just a few places I’d rather be.
Chillin’ with some Aussies during a casual sunset dip in the ocean…
Doodling away in a kitchen drenched in sunlight, some creamy earl grey tea and biscuits waiting to be devoured…
Nestled away in 505 Somewhere Lane, awaiting my caramel macchiato, probably a beret artistically balanced on top of my head…
Or as this kitten. Who looks like the comfiest creature known to mankind. 
Anyways. Today I happened to be in Anthropologie (for an interview actually), and whilst I was waiting ever so patiently for our group to gather, I was just gaping at the dresses draped over the mannequins. Honestly, if somehow capitalism was destroyed and everything was free (go communism go! i kid.) then I would have scooped up about twenty dresses under my arms and pranced down the street, flinging them into the hands of women wearing yoga pants who needed them most everywhere I went. They would call me: Anthro Woman. (If I were a man, it would have a better ring to it, wouldn’t it: Anthroman!)
How do you do? I’m just on my way back to my summer abode in the countryside of France if you care to join me. There will be an abundance of cute French boys swimming in nautical stripes and wine.
Oh hello there! You just caught me leaving my favourite exhibition of Monet at the art gallery. It’s a pity you missed it. I can tell you all about it over a cup of coffee if you like, where I will also lend you pearl necklaces and we can rave about my view of the Empire State Building.

Oh hi, I’m actually a sunset in the form of a dress, so of course you’ll want to befriend me 😉 I’m gorgeous to look at too, which is a bonus, because of my irresistible blend of pinks and oranges and reds, but with a flirty twist too… most couples seem to choose to stare at me when they’re feeling all lovey dovey. I’m just too tempting!

How do you do? I’m going to let you in on a little secret, if you haven’t taken the cue from my adorably bold hair, I’m from the future. 2092, to be exact. This is how we look at paintings here in the future! The streets of Vancouver have never been more aesthetically pleasing to walk down, and women everywhere just flock to one another over the latest paintings draped over their bodies. 
Meow! Meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow, meow, meow? Oh, sorry, I was just talking to my cats. There’s only seventeen, don’t give me that weird look! If I was a crazy cat lady, well then I bet I’m the chicest crazy cat lady you’ve ever come across. Oh jeez, there’s a dog. Rollin’ out. 

I’m too seductive to show you my face. You can continue admiring me as I saunter away to the patio, though.
Stay tuned. Anthro Woman is coming to a town near you… with heaps of dresses to fling joyously into the sky! It’s raining dresses, everybody! PRAISE THE LORD!
{1234 – blackbook, 567,89,101112– anthropologie}

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