Chaotic Perfection

above is from Uzel.Scotus’ flickr photo steam – real name is unknown.

Paintings are a way of keeping people, landscapes, essentially memories alive, right? What left me so mesmerized by these oil paintings is the blatant confrontation the artist is taking to that idea, as if history itself is erasing the memories, as if each time we look at it, another piece will be forgotten in the fragments of our past… it’s just such an air of absolute mystery, I love it.

The beginning of her transformation into a mermaid.

Above are the works of the ever talented Chad Wys, check him out here.

And then there’s Chad Wys, who takes the traditional portraits of centuries before us, in all its posed perfection, and twists it into these eerily detailed paintings lacking in the boldest of ways, begging us to look at it in another light. 
Pree fascinating, if you ask me.

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