A Trip Through the Sun, From France

Ah, this room makes me feel light. Imperfect walls, a rugged collection of paintings and sketches, ultra-bright pillows… just insert me lounging like a cat on the couch right over there. 
That chair. What confidence. Should I mayhaps be in an entirely white & polished room, an iMac gazing into my eyes, with bouquets of my friends poised around the desk in front of me? I could. Or I could totally be the subject of attention against this rustic landscape. 
She prefers eyes on her at all times. But may have to share the attention with that good lookin’ ladder.
I’m really curious as to what’s above this bed… my dreams would be complete if it were an office that I could just sneak away to without anyone noticing. Or an art studio, omg. Or maybe it’s just a hideaway retreat for some relaxation.
Well I just felt like I was walking through the sun. Please invite me over anytime, will you?

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