I’m Feelin’ Good

This is actually very cool. I command you to watch. Pretty please?
However, I have just developed a very serious problem, besides the Little Rabbit Ears disorder, which is already tough. It’s called the Food Gawker addiction.
Food Gawker addict: One who “gawks” at the gorgeous photos of food posted, typically spending anywhere from 15-33 minutes looking at scrumptious meals, ending up with 20 bookmarks of recipes that you may or may not ever actually make.
These are all photos I found via Food Gawker but links to the recipes for convenience… 🙂
Lemon bars, happy simplicity.
I actually made this absolutely delectable creation a few weeks ago with some friends and, gotta say, it was a smashing success. Easy as pie to make. Or shall I say easy as pudding… you get my drift. 
Our attempt didn’t exactly look as pristine but none of us cared as we happily munched away. 
Because of Food Gawker, I found another too good for words blog, My Little Celebration. She’s quite the health conscious gal, but enjoys some indulgences erry now and then, like every real human being. She’s also a self-described “breakfast girl”, AS AM I! Fave meal of the day. Easily. 
And let me tell you, she knows breakfast… (these are her recipes below, too)

And since my weekend is looking relatively free, I am definitely making these mini flax frittatas (above). Hold me to it, I swear I will. 
Can we just indulge one more photo of some serious eye candy?
Temptation at its finest. 

2 thoughts on “I’m Feelin’ Good”

  1. you are so kind! so glad you've enjoyed my breakfast recipes. they're certainly my favorite on the site thus far!I just got your email and had to say THANK YOU so much for the kind words. It really meant a lot and I hope you'll come back and say hi more often.Lovely blog you have here. Keep it up!

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