Fresh Sheets

You know what never fails to put me in a good mood?

FRIDAYS! Yippee!

And also a freshly made bed. Particularly when I’m about to fall asleep in it. And fully know that I can sleep in until my heart’s content the next morning.

Although typically I don’t fall asleep in such a dainty, low backed blouse with a wreath of flowers around my head. Maybe one day. But let’s be real, a flannel pj set is much more comfortable.

However, no matter what you are wearing, each of these beds will accept you with open arms, and you can settle into a dreamy utopia underneath its crisp, inviting sheets…

If I were to live in this bedroom, my Sunday mornings would be perfection. 
“Hm, I should really get up…”
Rolls onto the bean bag.
“Good enough for me.”
Really enjoying the yellow flowahz. Although with these eclectic pillows, and all their warm tones, any colour would be splendid.
Those windows are so generous with light, wow. I am in love with them. Although, gotta say, if you replaced the flowered wallpaper behind with distressed, white wood, I would die in the face of its beauty.
Fireplace within an arm’s reach of the bed! Comfort level: infinity! I feel so at peace looking at this.
This bedroom is downright teasing me.
Sometimes though an unmade bed is just as tempting, probably because it reminds me of the glorious time when I was sound asleep under its warmth. Mmm…

And how beautifully serene is this little girl? Her hair is identical to my mermaid’s
Has to be my absolute favourite of Sally Mann‘s photography. 

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