Absolutely incredible. Sheer, undeniably heart-wrenching beauty. The galaxy in constant motion against the earth’s horizon, the fleeting stars and planets darting across the universe, the clouds as if they were the undulating ocean… TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. 
It’s entitled The Mountain. I’m watching again as I write this. Sometimes I forget how small we are, how entirely insignificant we are to what’s past our atmosphere. And it’s easy to forget, too, when you look at this video, because you see all of the beauty we’re blessed with. Why would we feel we need to look beyond or question it when what we have is so utopic?
Global warming, damn you. But honestly. When you even see just glimpses of the Earth’s raw beauty, it’s just unfathomable as to how we can continue down the path that, unfortunately, we have already set in motion. Do one thing today that otherwise you would find yourself saying you’re too lazy to do. One thing that could eventually turn into a habit. And we can all set a different path in motion step by step.
And that’s my spiel. Peace out home dawgs.

1 thought on “…speechless”

  1. This is beautiful. It is interesting to read what the photographer had to say about his experience and what he was trying to capture (followed your link). He was totally successful! Thanks for posting…..

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