Off Livin’ In Dreamland, Don’t Mind Me

How amusing life would be, if we were all taken by our dreams in such a literal way. 
Just imagine if, as the nightlife came alive on the streets of downtown, you looked up into the sky and saw thousands upon thousands of people hanging by the threads of a cloud, or the stem of a flower, or the sails of a boat, looking as far into dreamland as humanly possible. All dangers, of course, wouldn’t touch them as they drifted on by, and then, at the end of the night, they would be delicately released into their bed.
First, if I looked up and saw this, I’d scream. That’s slightly obvious. Because with the impending arrival of 2012, you know, I’d probably think it was some odd… cruel.. warning. And then, I’d accept it with open arms! I wanna dream while hanging off of a flower! Me, me, me!
A tad eery, but her illuminated blonde hair does look quite magical.

If I happened to pop up from the soil, however, when I began to dream, I would not want this. Don’t know many people who would. “Oh jeez, there’s that girl again off dreaming. You know, it’s getting really annoying to remember to avoid her while I’m out on my night walk in the woods……” (actually who goes for walks in the woods at night anyhow, so I guess I’m in the clear.
All this is the work of Ms. Maia Flore.

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