Some Tings To Smile Over

Lovebirds. It can be either nauseating, or just too gosh darn adorable to let your typical cynicism get the best of you. 

Smiling puppies. He’s gonna have a happy life. That or he just ate a loaf of bread off the kitchen table and feels pretty sneaky.

Rings that will hug you! A baby elephant hugging you… try to create a cuter ring, it’s just not a possibility. And hey, this elephant doesn’t grow any older either! So you don’t have to go through that awkward, “Sorry, bud, you’re weighing me down a bit now.”
{Ebay, or here and here}

Philosophical foxes. This little fellow is currently contemplating the changing climate and its impact on our souls. 
Raising awareness for the chronic bitch face disorder is becoming more and more common! Now we all know that those people who appear as if they are ready to kill anyone who crosses their path in a moment’s notice are actually in need of help. We need not judge. 
ps. What I’ve been listening to on repeat, guilty pleasure or not!
His drunken jokes make the show, however, if you must, the music starts… right at 2:13. 
And now, please, if you have nothing else to do, please watch this version. He’s singing while sitting on top of a piano the entire time. It’s amazing. And that face, that face is just so suave. 
So soothing. Beautiful lyrics, too. I’ve loved it ever since watching The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman and the one and only Mrs. Robinson, Anne Bancroft. 
And then there’s The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. I could literally listen to it all day. I know all the lyrics, too. Funny what songs can do that to you. 
{Chronic Bitch Face, cant find other links, please let me know if you know that i know that you know that i know that you know that i know that you know i need them}

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