Can A Room Have Sex Appeal…

Oh, hey there, beautiful. I enjoy running with my dog in the forest, and cooking up some warm dinners afterwards for you and I to share. Leftovers for my dog, of course.

Oh, didn’t see you there! Guess I got lost dreaming about what I should make for dinner. Dessert though is covered, babe. Crème Brûlée is already in the oven just for you.

Darling, so glad you’re home. I’ve missed you. Let’s talk for a few hours in these, if I do say so myself, rather seductive leather chairs.
I’m more of the intellectual type myself. Let’s reenact a scene of Romeo & Juliet in all this space. You’ll make a beautiful, Juliet, you know.

Hi there. I was just thinking about you. I love to read up on the advancements of feminist culture over the last century, and would love to hear your thoughts over a glass of wine.
Clearly, yes.

What we have here, ladies and gentleman, is a class act example of what it means for a room to be, by definition, sexy. I’m sure I’m not the first one to realize, as you’re scrolling through some shots of a house, that the adjective “sexy” comes to my mind. Where might this come from? Well, if a room can embody the “dark, rich, and handsome” stereotype of a man, just in terms of sleek lines, dramatic lighting, and a bold sense of personality, then the room would find a way into our hearts relatively quickly, wouldn’t it? So maybe “man caves” will find a place in the home of a lady, after all, if done like one of the “studs” above.

Until next time,

ps. The Archtivist, my homepage, is where I found the majority of these good lookin’ fellows. Check him out.

{unkown, Roman and Williams, unkown, Arch DailyThe Archtivist}

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