Living In A Black Hole, Whaaat?

So this post will be a little unusual compared to my ordinary entries. And by unusual I mean I will temporarily morph into a thirteen year old, gangly boy who has become fascinated by stars and galaxies and alternate dimensions and black holes and who greets everyone with a the star trek hand gesture. Only temporarily though, so no worries.
Recently, I came across a theory that time travel is, in fact, possible in some part, and that at the center of each universe, there is a black hole, which could act as a wormhole to another universe. Therefore, there could very well be alternate dimensions. For those who are not as scientifically inclined, and, like me, were just left mind boggled at these theories, I’ll give you some time to just let that sit while scrolling through some really beautiful pictures of other galaxies. It’s no wonder fashion designers eventually incorporated these galactic patterns into their shows.

NGC 1316

Antennae Galaxies
NGC 2787
Sombrero Galaxy (seriously, that’s its name. so awesome.)

Andromeda Galaxy (closest to our own!)
Enchantingly beautiful scenes, but with a dramatically morbid feeling the entire way through, the movie, Melancholia, by none other than Lars von Trier, will make you count your lucky stars an enormous planet isn’t actually on a path towards collision with Earth. The cinematography really is breath-taking though.
Melancholia, the planet nearing Earth, and the moon, equally sharing the horizon.

Isn’t it almost just too much to handle?
The fact that black holes could act as a wormhole to other universes, and thus, alternate dimensions, just stretches my mind to a whole other level. We very well may be living in a black hole. Somewhat. Then there’s this thing called time travel. Recently, there have been particles that have been discovered to move faster than the speed of light meaning we can travel backwards in time. Wohoah! 
It was at once both a startling and exciting finding considering that Albert Einstein’s well-tested theory of relativity stipulates that the speed of light, which travels at 186,000 miles-per-second, acts as a de facto speed limit for everything in the universe. And since an object approaching such a speed would experience time slowing down to a crawl, exceeding it would conceivably allow the object to go backwards in time.”

With the prospect of time travel becoming possible, however, it doesn’t necessarily evoke feelings of excitement. Such a massively powerful tool, and in the wrong hands, life itself really would be destroyed. 

What do you think? Would you want time travel to exist?
If your geeky alternate ego has been awakened, you can check these links out. 
This one is nicely worded.

Peace out, earthlings.

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