Black & White

Sometimes a little black and white is just so refreshing. 
Feathers are so serene. Everything about them, from the way they glide effortlessly through the air in that graceful sway back and forth, to the pleasing way they lie next to each other, symmetrical or not. 
Plus feathers make quite a nice appearance in your hair. So that’s always nice.
See, I used to believe that the only life an attic could have resembled something of demons mingling together, quietly chuckling with a sinister smile spread across their face, plotting their next move into owning your soul or something casual like that. But as soon as I saw a crisp white paint wash over an attic from head to toe, my socializing demons were quickly replaced by the imagined existence of a clan of boho writers, hiding away in peace as they reflect life’s meaning and beauty in this light and airy space.
My attic has yet to be painted white, however, and so I’m forced to believe there are still demons residing above me… it’s a small issue.

This must become the uniform of all the young men out there immediately. It just says “meow!” in that perfectly irresistible way.

Arist: Gottfried Henwein
This is one of those pictures I just can’t seem to look away from. It’s mesmerizing in an eery and misunderstood way. As if her innocence is being immortalized in a chalky sculpture? Can’t be sure. But it’s so intriguing. 
And bam! A glorious reminder of colour for your eyes!
{…etc, Arts Pinboard, apologize, can’t find the other links. Please let me know if you stumble across them.}

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