One of Those Days!

More like one of those months. But that’s another story (aka universities you are infinitely too intimidating so please just send me flowers and sunshine instead of making me research the endless amounts of programs and applications and scholarships and yadayadayada you all seem to have).

But generally, it is just one day out of the week where you suddenly find yourself with only 10 minutes to do something to your hair, put together a relatively acceptable outfit for the people of the world to see, and most likely judge, let’s be honest, find something to quickly devour without pouring orange juice and cereal into your mouth and hoping for the best, and lastly, make it seem as if you wake up looking as fresh and happy as Audrey Hepburn…

“…I have no flaws…”

…not an easy task. Some would say impossible! But! I have come across some words of wisdom, and hopefully, will look at the clock and see 10 minutes and just think, “Hah, this is like an hour with my efficiency.”

Let’s just take a look at some girls who look as if they really just don’t need to try at all, because, hey, this is what we’re aiming for right? The “I share the same joy Audrey Hepburn has when she wakes up and realizes all she has to do is throw on a black dress, some lipstick and eye liner, and is ready to take on the world.”

She’s just on the phone with one of her many suitors, super casual. 
Oh hi there! We’re both wearing some core parts of our boyfriend’s wardrobe, if not all, and yet, with a swish of red lipstick or showin’ a lil’ bit o’ leg, we’re still looking fine.
The structure is so child-like, but the bolder pattern, along with her laid-back hair and minimalist makeup, makes it look surprisingly easy to pull off. 

So fresh! So happy! Of course the sun framing her face as if it were a subtle halo is helping the whole angel look going on… note the black leather pants. Nice touch.

I have a thing for these types of sweaters. Paired with a dainty gold necklace and you have me. 

And now, what we have all been waiting for, how to achieve this oh-so-natural look and be fully ready to face the world in ten minutes! 
Two simple tasks that are handy to finish before the precarious situation arises. 
Have two back-up outfits at all times. 
Have an “on-the-go toothbrush” in your purse.
Now what to do… when disaster strikes.
Some effortless hair do’s obviously are key. Leaving your hair down, if you’re like me, whose natural hair is similar to that of Hermione circa 2005, is simply not an option, and pulling my hair up into the classic messy bun is just about the best way to tell people, “You’re right! I did wake up five minutes ago!” (But hey, sometimes it happens.)
How to:
“Just grab the frontmost section of your hair, twist it back and downward then pin in place with a bobby pin. Gather the rest of your hair in a ponytail or bun at the nape of your neck.”

^The descriptions we’re given are never quite that simple. I technically followed their play-by-play, but I ended up looking as if I was some haggard woman from the 19th century caught in the middle of shooing rats away from her kitchen. The key is to play with it yourself, experimenting until you find your own way to achieve it.

Or there’s this variation. Which I must learn how to do as soon as possible.

Or you could simply opt for some particularly bold glasses, some sort of statement in themselves, and a completely minimalist bun. I would if I could find a pair like these.

It seems to me there are a plethora of effortless women gliding down the streets who have merely taken a few pieces of hair and twisted them into some elegantly disheveled bun. 

How they pulled this off, I don’t know… but it has become my latest endeavor, to figure out the intricacies of this ^ hairstyle. 

Such a breezy, ballet-like look to this bun, with the sash holding it all together perfectly.

And then: Make-up, shmake-up. Keep it minimal in times of crisis. Eyeliner/mascara, moisturizer, hint of blush/bronzer, and some chapstick. Simple simple. (And hey, if you want to be really snazzy, swipe on some lip gloss on the go)

Last: Breakfast, your best friend. Breakfast is always there for you, just a super duper loyal guy. So eat him. That’s the best way to repay loyal friends, obviously!

Words of wisdom from the experts! Check ’em out.

The 10 Minute Difference Between Stress and Happiness

Some last minute tips:

  • Blast pump up music. It’s energizing and will speed you up.
  • Don’t forget to eat. If it’s before class, you’ll be dumb. Before a dinner date, you’ll be too obsessed with eating to have fun. Plus your stomach might growl before your food arrives. Awkward.
  • Take off old make-up and do what you can to smell nice. No matter how pretty you are, being smelly=problematic. A one-second spritz of perfume will only add… one second onto your getting-ready routine.

Until next time, peace out.

1 thought on “One of Those Days!”

  1. What a great post!I love the so fresh so happy girl! Flawless!Love the pic of the two girls the bright red n blue top. i want it!♥Pearl

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