Little Drops of Beauty

For the brave souls out there, who find height nothing more than another source of intoxicating ecstasy, then look no more. I bring you… hanging tents! Or as I like to call them, little drops of (terrifying) beauty. Don’t they resemble drops of water in some way? The tents all alit against the sunrise reminded me of the dreamy, alternate world I was picturing in this post (where I went off track and started talking about an alternate reality because of some flowers in a light bulb because, you know, I’m just really deep and philosophical like that), almost like the planet in Avatar actually. Would not be surprised if the shadowy figures turned out to be a bright cyan blue with a tail wrapped around their little lanterns. Anyway, these are actually tents meant for rock climbers who stop mid-way on their venture to the top, and sleep in one of these anchored tents. I’ll put it out there now, I wouldn’t say I’m ever down to spend the night in one, but for a few hours with a friend and some tasty treats? Always down, always down.



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