Animal – Mulberry Edition

I know, I know. “This video contains content from SME,” says the scolding, disapproving voice, so it can’t be shown on my quaint little site, but really, you have to make your way over to YouTube to catch a glimpse of Mulberry’s Autumn Winter 2011 Collection. It’s like Alice in Wonderland was invaded with beautiful and chic students from Cambridge or more suitably, Oxford, as it’s all very English. As for the actual runway show, you can see how the video above carries over seamlessly. The whole theme of the Autumn Winter 2011 Collection was actually inspired by Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is so whimsically refreshing. No wonder it has that youthful charm of Alice in Wonderland to me. And oh not to mention, some of the models sauntering down the runway have little scottish terriers prancing next to them. Mulberry just blows me away this season.

Note the faded peace signs!

My ideal (and the perfect) outfit for traveling. The boyfriend blazer is made with 100% pure new wool and the knit scarf is 70% wool and 30% alpacca. And see those pants? All wool. Talk about ultimate comfort. If only I could wear this through the airport tomorrow.

I need all of these shirts. They’re chirping my name!

The sheer back kills me. In that I would die to wear you for even just a day kind of way.

Woah, woah, woah. They stole this bag right out of my dreams. In a way, this is almost cruel for me ot see. Honestly, they dug their hands into my subconscious, pulled out a thread of my love for foxes, sewed it through with my love for the Alexa Mulberry bag, and topped it off with a very do-able price.
…okay, so it’s not quite in my budget (and when I say quite I mean not a chance) but I got lost in my dream for a bit there. It happens.
Aaah, look at this guy! I need you in slung around my shoulder right! now!

Check it out. It’s incredible to see how much effort they put into generating a complete atmosphere of their vision. And besides, who doesn’t enjoy listening to British accents! 

Sneak peek what’s above… animal masks for the guests! So sweet.

To me, this is exactly what fall should be. Mulberry has designed pieces that speak to the inner Oxford student inside of you, where a sort of preppy elegance makes itself clear. Warm caramel, richly coloured prints, silk scarves, sheepskin lined leather jackets… I welcome you with open arms! Seriously, if I ever was transported into another life, one where I am happily attending Oxford like the Cecilia inside of me (from Atonement, if you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on one of the greatest romance movies in existence), discussing art history over coffee with friends in the fogged up cafes of England, all bundled up in my feather printed scarf… Mulberry would be the heart and soul of my wardrobe. I have gathered up so much inspiration from what could be my favourite runway show evaaarrrr. 


ps. If you’re like me and could stare at Mulberry all day long, then watch this behind stage video where they discuss what inspired them, their vision, and the makeup and hair of the girls. All of the models are just so intriguingly beautiful, too.

{all photos owned by Mulberry}

1 thought on “Animal – Mulberry Edition”

  1. Great show, the designs really do transport you to another world. I like what you said about Atonement because it is one of my favourite books and of course movies as well. I adore the music in the film, but of course the famous green dress that Cecilia wore. That is pretty close to a dream dress if I ever saw one. In this collection I adore the long sheer dresses, simple cardigans and the wild prints. The designs allude to a very September sort of atmosphere; a halfway point between defining summer and fall toned designs. The jackets declare the fall dominance though with the Oxford going back to school look. I wish I had such a fabulous wardrobe as this.

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