Can’t Get More Excited Than This

The title, “Excited Birthday Boy”, really doesn’t give this little guy justice. It’s more like “The Most Excited Boy For His Birthday Cake on the Planet Earth, Maybe Even Universe”. Usually people are all quite polite and courteous, listening pleasantly as they are serenaded with this familiar, cheerful (well, alright, we all know the tune isn’t actually that upbeat) tune, just waiting for a chance to blow out the candles and make that one little wish that will conveniently fix everything wrong in your life, and then eat a scrumptious cake dedicated to you, the celebrity of the hour. But this boy, he’s a hipster. He’s just like, “I’m not gonna conform to what society thinks I’m gonna do. I’m gonna blow them out half way to make a statement.” Or, more likely, “Oh boy, oh boy, look at those candles, all for me, i getta blow ’em out and make my one big wish, ohboyohboyican’twait!

This just makes me smile every time I see it, hope it tickles your funny bone too.


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