Shoes Galore!

Shoes designed to increase the appearance of walking speed by up to 10 km/h. You don’t slowly saunter down a street, you strut down those streets with a blur of the high heels right behind you!  (But seriously, I am in love.)


So, keep in mind, this is all in one apartment aka one very, very lucky woman owns this many freakin’ awesome shoes. Hey now, hey now. Don’t hate. I’m allowed to say “freakin'” in very rare circumstances… and I keep it to a minimum because somehow I always end up feeling like some gangly, awkward teenager who’s getting way too excited over something but hates to swear and you know, just wants to express herself, and why doesn’t anyone understand her and why does her life just suck so much and i’msofullofangstnoonegetsmypoetry… that’s how it feels. In a nutshell. Hence the reason why I don’t use it all too much.

Back to the point.

Lately shoes are quite the regulars on the coffee tables and the couches of ladies with serious swag. No more will they hide in the closet! They want to be seen, to be embraced as all they are! And clearly it can give every room just a little extra kick and to really prove to people that this young woman is comfortable in her own shoes and that she just has every part of her life figured out from head to toe. See what I did there. Oh so sneaky…


{the coveteur again}

1 thought on “Shoes Galore!”

  1. When I have my own home I definatley want to have shoes as a sort of at form; lovely post! Please follow me 🙂 -

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