Some Trinkets

…referred to as a “Princess & the Pea” gown. So pleasantly fitting.

So earlier on today, I used the word “trinket” and for those of you who are just as unfamiliar as my friend was with the term (although I don’t know how):


a small ornament, piece of jewelryetc., usually of littlevalue.

anything of trivial value. makes trinkets seem kind of pointless actually. And snotty. Can’t you just picture the old, English woman sitting on the other side of your computer screen stating the definition, particularly enunciating “of trivial value.” You can’t fool me, dictionary. Trinkets are one hundred percent necessary to my environmental high. The little trinkets displayed against the window case, for example. In my mum’s study, lining her window, are these vintage miniature dolls. Some elves, some gnomes, maybe a bobbing seal or two, and even though they are of trivial value per se, her room becomes her own with them. 
This is the home of Erica Domesk, founder of P.S. – I made this… New York, and she brings trinkets to a whole other level. I mean, just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see a line of brightly coloured spray paint bottles holding a ring on each nozzle. Or an alligator head, looking disturbingly real actually, looking as if it has just raided a jewelry store, bracelets drooping out of his angry mouth. And man oh man do I need a pair of those cheetah print shoes, or what. And the generous amount of fancy shmancy brooches dangling around it. Those too, please.


{The Coveteur}

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