Fairy Tale Dresses

Watch me! Watch me! Watch me! 
Well, hello there dresses of my dreams. I’m Miranda. Wonderful to meet you. You shall be my wedding dress. And my sister’s wedding dress. And my best friends’ wedding dresses. And the bridesmaid dresses for my brothers. Oh, hmph, I guess the wives get to decide. Since when do they get to do that? Needy, needy, needy.
When I first laid eyes on these ethereal, fantastical dresses I almost died. Yes, literally. It’s a true story. As my eyes digested each delicate bead, feathery layer of chiffon, and every piece of gold or silver thread intertwined throughout the trim, it became too much to handle. I am writing this from another realm, folks. A realm of fairies. And don’t you worry, my death was relatively painless. Here in Fairy Land, our outfit of choice is from among the designs of Trash Couture and our days consist of dancing to the melodic tunes of nature… 

Okay, that’s too much even for me.  I’m fairly sure I would go insane if my days only consisted of dancing. However, it does sound nice to escape to that little world for a solid week/month.*
Oh, yes, hello there beautiful jewelry! You too can jump onto my body!

Macha jewelry blows my mind… and seems to go quite well with the whole fairy theme of today.

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