Tiny Hussies

…was anyone else genuinely surprised when it turned out that those girls in the first photo were actually this age? I honestly had no idea. At first glance I thought they were merely a pack of very individualistic young women, and then in the next photo, there were these five faces smiling back, no older than thirteen, decked out in makeup and these white, lacey stockings they seem to love. Now I don’t want to write a whole article on why it bothered me, blabbering on about the classic “these kids are just growin’ up too fast these days” but I can’t deny that I was bothered by the photo. Personally, I feel as if this is sending out a slightly twisted message. You can tell on their faces they’re very proud of this newfound tween spirit but I found it sad to think that some men would be leering at these young girls who, along with most other “tweens” (whatta word), were just trying out the thrill of being older. 
{from Christeric‘s travel photos of Tookyooo}

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