sanctuaries dipped in white

Always on standby to dominate in pillow fights, complete with eight pillows within an arm’s reach to overtake your opponent.

I’ve never really known if I would like to have my bedroom so easily visible from the outside, but something tells me this backyard is only acres and acres of lush, green meadows so there most likely won’t be any creepers hiding behind trees or anything like that. Or is there… (Okay, I get it. I’m way too paranoid to ever have a hope of being able to sleep soundly with only a glass wall surrounding me. At least now I know.) If this room wasn’t so unbearably chic I wouldn’t be able to make it through the night.

So NYC. This is the type of scene where Carrie from Sex and the City would emerge in her classic outfit (a t-shirt, undies, and a pair of socks) and would then look outside with a troubled expression contemplating some issue surrounding men. Gotta love SATC. 

So sick. Such a prominent modern touch with the minimalist black chairs contrasting the deep, rustic look. I would feel so absolutely safe in that little nook for a bed. Imagine if you had a single curtain that could slide shut as well, with some sort of sheer material so the light still trickled through. 
There’s something about chandeliers and luxurious bathtubs that always gets me. And shutter windows that are such a crisp shade of white. And a fireplace nook filled with a plethora of candles instead (to be subtly witty). And an antique scale which I would never use because it would most likely be hopelessly inaccurate and I’d be left feeling very upset/confused, but it makes the room in my opinion. And a perfectly simple hanging lightbulb which is just the right amount of light needed for a room like this. And of course a wooden platform next to the bathtub, making this room seem as if it is legitimately out of Atonement… well, shucks, this room will always get me.

1 thought on “sanctuaries dipped in white”

  1. i love your blog so much! too much great inspiration. these houses are stunning, loving all the white. i want to live in all of those houses and rooms!xoxo

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