Little People

Alright, I have approximately six minutes to express in words how much inspiration/nostalgia/love I feel for this photo, all wrapped up in one little ball of happiness. GO!

First you should know just how much of my childhood was filled with a fascination of little things. To me, anything that was a size meant to be handled by faeries was just the most curious and intriguing and wonderful type of thing I could think of. This love of faeries I got from my mum, instilled in me since I was oh, about four and she would bring out picture books of various winged creatures, all of whom had these beautiful, long locks of wispy hair and mischievous looking pointed ears. Now, as an almighty, matured human being who couldn’t possibly believe in faeries because that would just be foolish (lies), I have transferred this love of the dainty and whimsical lifestyle of faeries into aspects of interior design and architecture. Loving the seamless look of glass combined with luxurious antiques, and little models like this one.

The Californian retro vibe of this model, infusing two different decades together – the 50’s and the 80’s – is so damn cool, and it’s the one of the first times in a long time I’ve seen little people that aren’t meant to be faeries to be so intriguing.


…k, I’m done. Back to chem and physics (save me, please).



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