The Cabin Life

I enjoy the distressed wood that has been left exposed by the rods in between. It gives the whole room an even more airy feel to it than solid wood boards. Not to mention the curtains that are as light as feathers. Notes: teapot on the tip of the bed luring you into its coziness and the basket dedicated to pastel cashmere blankets. I should have a basket dedicated to such things. Gotta get with it.
Trend I’m seeing: deliciously tempting treats in rooms. So just in case we don’t like the room, there’s an excellent chance we’d like the food, and therefore we would like the room. (That’s my theory, but it’s not the case with this room. It’s wonderful.)

The designers of this cabin tapped into my deepest subconscious desires. Wow.

Deer heads above matching single beds. Too adorable! Now we just need a pair of twins playing the flute in matching dresses the hue of Tiffany & Co. boxes. 

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