So Much Soul, Man

You know, over the last few months keeping this blog, one of the things that has stuck with me the most is the realization that it is impossible to create a home out of a catalogue of furniture and adding in a few “current trends”and to be able to expect that you, or anyone, will feel inspired by what you have created. The intricacy in someone’s personal style comes to life through the pieces they put in their home that is not in the catalogues, like the trinkets they leave on their bedside table, or the nostalgic fragments of their childhood placed in a glass jar, or the art they choose to put on their walls. I couldn’t ask for a better example than the home above when trying to explain just what I’m saying. Look over these photos again, paying very close attention to the art that has been put on her walls, and what she must be trying to convey or what she herself becomes inspired by. They must have spoken to her in one way or another. I think that, for the most part, the art someone has decided to put on their walls is the single most telling feature about them. 
ps. Now that we’re on this topic, I feel I must introduce my mermaid, a delicate creature picked up by my mum a few years back, kept in her little haven of a glass jar, where it almost seems as if she is in the water because of her untamed, vibrantly red curls that cling to the surface of the glass. Isn’t she serene? The fact that I haven’t come across anything like her makes me love her that much more. It’s these little things that make a home feel your own. 🙂

2 thoughts on “So Much Soul, Man”

  1. wow! that mermaid has me absolutely entranced….i cannot get over how much i love it….ADORE it. is she still at rest in her jar? ask your mother where she picked it up.

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