Everyone Has A Favorite

Just as I was perusing through Anthropologie’s site for some much needed inspiration, I came across these absolutely whimsical knobs and doorsteps, all involving an intricately made animal. This is the type of thing that fits perfectly into saying, “It’s the small things that count.” How happy would I feel every time I went to open up my drawers… positively bubbly. Now every time I look over at my desk to its achingly simple, white, circular knobs… I weep a little inside. Yes, weep. (Weep! Weep! If you say that enough times, it kind of makes me wonder why it ever became a word to describe crying. It sounds like a cheerful little bird!) 
“…and then she said to me…”


“I will guard your bathrobe with my life.” Doesn’t he look trustworthy? 


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