The Faces Behind the Rooms We Scroll Through

Just got lost on An Afternoon With… for a good hour or so. I am totally enthralled and just straight up mesmerized by how each space is so made so personal with the owner’s personality. It really is a home that we have made our own, in that we add unique little touches that to some may appear insignificant but to you could have a truly profound meaning. Or perhaps you want to convey a message about yourself to those who walk through. Or maybe you simply want it to be a retreat where you can unwind, worry free, for those few precious hours at night. A home is what you want it to be and this project explores that idea. 
It also got me thinking about each and every room I scroll right past, or pause on for a moment, or just stare at and feel the inspiration bubbling inside of me… each of those rooms has an entirely unique face behind it, each with their own equally intricate and lovely life.

Leave your thoughts & feelings here please

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