One Step, Two Step

At first, I thought to myself, “What? This minimalism is too much. They want everyone to jump off the last hanging step to the ground every single time?” And then I realized that, no, they didn’t intend to build a staircase where the last few steps are missing for comical purposes, but the steps to look as if they’re end tables for unbelievably functional purposes! And it looks cool. That too. Long story short, I ate my words entirely.

I feel that if I were a child, mistakingly stumbling into this room, I would most likely think that I had stumbled into the fortress of some futuristic being. These stairs have sheer attitude. 

Minimalist staircases have a way of blending into the atmosphere of the room to the point where they’re almost hidden, but once I saw these simplistic, airy steps, I couldn’t look away. The feel of this room transcends with so much ease into the next level because of it.
Mmm, spiral staircases. We meet again. This one looks as if it was taken from an industrial warehouse and twisted into a piece of modern perfection. So smooth. Don’t spiral stairs always leave you with such curiosity about what’s upstairs? Your eye is just naturally taken on a journey, I love it.

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