Subtle Elegance – Cory Gibbons

It’s as if they’re floating above the city, perched upon the night. I love it.
Minimal, almost industrialist, elegance. This room defines the idea of an open concept – there isn’t even a door to the washroom! More and more, however, I feel as if I could grow to really love a home with such openness. It’s almost comforting, in a way, to know there are no boundaries between your bedroom and say, the living room… you can simply glide right through your home.
Brick walls have already seduced their way into my heart. It’s the open concept of this office, where it blends with so much ease into the outside, that I fell in love with. Not to mention the breezy curtains.
Cotton candy rock.
The curtain looks as if it was spun out of fairy dust – so fluffy and light and sweet.
I can already imagine the many, equally wonderful ways I could relax on this sofa… if that’s what I should call it even. Either way, I find it brilliant.
You know that feeling when you’re writing an exam and you become achingly aware that your brain may be on the brink of simply bursting… or as if there is a tribe of little people pushing at the outside of your skull, as if they want to make it significantly larger so you can have more space to think… that’s kind of how I felt when I look at this.

The photos Cory Gibbons posts are as tranquil and rhythmic as the site itself, and each one follows along with this sense of minimal beauty. Even the title, “I drifted off for a moment”, is beautiful. 
{all images via ‘I drifted off for a moment‘}

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