La Lumière!

Un. When you have ceilings that high, why not put up a giant, half of a mustard yellow vintage car?

The only conventional aspects of this kitchen are the fact that it does indeed have an oven, a fridge, and a table. Other than that, it’s a total rebel. The cherry red, retro style refrigerator and the sleek, streamlined oven, and the chairs that have been picked from completely different styles are just asking to be checked out.
Deux: Once again, some ridiculously high ceilings going on here. One day I’ll be graced with its presence, and on that day, the first thing I’ll do is hang a magnificent chandelier and place an equally impressive trampoline in the middle of the room and jump for hours. Perfect. On a side note, that reclining chair is looking just about as tempting as a tub of chocolate pudding. 
Trois: Mmm, light. How you make me swoon. Actually, in each of these rooms, there is a rich abundance of natural light. I’m also loving how the tree is framed perfectly within these windows – it makes it feel as if you can touch the tree itself and step outside (but seeing as how high the tree looks to be… maybe refrain). And then of course the sweet speakers on either side. 


{for the record & contemporist

2 thoughts on “La Lumière!”

  1. Your writing seemlessly unites description with art. Your Interpretation and perception are brilliant with a taste of your own personality. write more. The world waits…

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